LT other building kits 1/76 scale


Card kits of various OTHER LONDON TRANSPORT model buildings in 1/76 scale


London Transport had buildings other than bus garages and railway stations.

The Kingsway Models range of card kits provides models of tram and trolleybus depots, as well as bus garage inspection pits, and also a working model of a tilt test table for double deck buses.

The London Bus Preservation Trust's Cobham Bus Museum (Redhill Road)  is also included here. This (now closed) building was well loved by enthusiasts for many years, and played an essential part in the preservation of LT vehicles.

Note also, that some of the card kits in the LT Central Garages range were adapted from tram and/or trolleybus depots.

 The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts require to be cut out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly. See HERE for what is involved in building a kit.

 Click HERE to be able to download an illustrated list of LT OTHER kits

All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale OO gauge

London bus shelter kits 1-76 scale

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Brixton Hill tram depot Kingsway card kit

BH    Brixton Hill Tram Depot

Brixton Hill was built as a tram trailer shed, but by the time it was completed in 1924, the LCC had decided to no longer use trailers. The depot became an annexe of the nearby Telford Avenue depot. It was the only LCC depot that didn't have a traverser. After the trams the building was used by the motor trade but is now used by Arriva. Extra parts are included to model it as an Arriva bus garage. So this fairly small building has been the site of some important transport heritage being the last home of the route 16/18 Feltham trams and 159 Routemasters.
The model is 12" wide by 6" deep.

Price: B 

Brixton Hill depot


Cobham Bus Museum (Redhill Rd)
Cobham Bus Museum Kingsway Models card kit

COB Cobham (Redhill Rd) Bus Museum

A model of the southern end of the now closed Redhill Road Museum building. The model measures approximately 12" wide by 11" deep. It portrays the area used for exhibiting vehicles on open days, and  includes the vehicle inspection ramp.

Price: B

For further information about the London Bus Museum which has now moved to Brooklands, click HERE.

Panoramic view of the Redhill Road building (by LEDLON)


Camberwell Depot Kingsway Kit Camberwell Depot Kingsway Kit

Camberwell depot LT Camberwell depot LT

CTD   Camberwell Tram Depot

Camberwell was really two depots linked by a single track. Each had its own entrance. It was built in the distinctive LCC brick style. Inside the depot traversers enabled the trams to be moved between tracks. The kit provides the two entrances and an office building. The entrances are approximately one tram lengths depth. The remainder of the depot was hidden behind other buildings fronting the street. Camberwell depot was demolished and replaced by Walworth bus garage when the trams finished in 1952.

Price: B

 CTD Camberwell tram depot entranc Odeon Cinema OO gauge 1/76 scale card buildings


One of the Camberwell tram depot entrances used on a 1/76 scale London Tramway layout that I am building. To the left is the CWLO Odeon and to the right is the RLP Red Lion Public House.

Many London depots had comparatively small entrances compared to the large buildings behind. 

More details on my model tram layouts may be found at London Model Tramways


Other former LT tram depots in the range are Poplar and Fulwell which can be seen on the LT Central Garages page.



Holden Bus Shelter kit 1/76 scale OO gauge

 HBS Holden Bus Shelters (two supplied)

In the 1930s, the architect, Charles Holden renowned for his work on many of London's Underground stations; also designed bus stop shelters. Various styles appeared. This kit builds two of what was perhaps the most common design. Many of these lasted into the 1950s, before being replaced by the later tubular aluminium  shelter.

Be warned that these models require some careful work with the modelling knife. Bus stops flags and some paving is also supplied in the kit. 

 Click HERE to read the instruction leaflet to see what is involved in the build.

 Look further down the page for the LTS shelter kit for an easier build and more for the same price!

 Price: X 





Kingsway Models IH kit
IH Isleworth Trolleybus DepotIH trolleybus depot LT

Isleworth had originally been Hounslow tram depot. It was rebuilt for trolleybuses in 1935. Unusually it operated just one route - the 657. After the war Q1s were allocated but these were sold to Spain and replaced by older vehicles until closure in May 1962. The model is approx. 19" wide and 10" deep.


Price: B   

For a video of the real Isleworth depot including a ride on the traverser, click HERE


Isleworth trolleybus deppot diorama in 1/76 scale


 Isleworth depot diorama built using some paving from the PAV kit and with some homemade cosmetic overhead wiring. More photos here along with some hints on making trolleybus poles. 




 LT model  bus shelter models by Kingsway Models

 LTS London Transport bus shelters (set of six of three types)

 This kit provides parts to build six model bus shelters of three types. Each was commonly used by London Transport and other bus companies.
It should be noted that two of these shelter types may be downloaded and printed free of charge via the FREE Download page.
However this kit provides the parts printed on card of the appropriate thickness along with relevant posters, and bus stop flags.

You will need to provide matchsticks for the model bus stop posts.

A short section of card paving is included in the kit -  this can be supplemented by using the PAV kit on the Kingsway High Street page.

 Price (set of 6) : X

 LT wooden bus shelter kit model scale 1/76LT wooden rural shelter with seat  (2 supplied)

used in rural locations in central & country areas.

 LT conLT concrete shelter kit model scale 1/76 crete shelter
(2 supplied)

LT metal bus shelter kit model bus shelter scale 1/76LT metal shelter (2 supplied)
1980s period

Kingsway models card kit - bus inspection pitsKingsway models card kit - bus inspection pits

PITS Bus Inspection Pits

Based on LT practice this kit provides four inspection pits, with surrounding walls and doors to the rear.  

Approximate size 10" x 7"


 Price: B

Kingsway models card kit - bus inspection pitsKingsway models card kit - bus inspection pits


 Model bus garage interior in 1/76 scale

The PITS kit can be easily extended to make a larger interior diorama by using the freely downloadable sheets from the FREE Kingsway Downloads page.  Interior walls, roofs and garage backscene sheets are available for you to print and use.


Below can be seen a PITs kit that has been built with the rear doors opening into an extended garage area built using the downloadable sheets. Use mounting card (available from art shops, in large sheets) to make the parts you require.

 Bus garage interior diorama

 Click on the red bar below to access the Kingsway Downloads site.


 Kingsway Models Downloads

 Extended pits scene using free downloadable parts

Inspection pits scene extended using extra parts from Kingsway Downloads. 




 Sevenoaks bus station

 SBS Sevenoaks bus station building.

The bus station building at Sevenoaks was an unmistakable example of LT architecture. It provided waiting room accomodation for passengers, an office and canteen for staff, and toilets. The real building was situated at the rear of a parade of shops but the kit has a plain rear wall that can be used. Alternatively if you are happy with a half relief building then the matching brickwork might be used around the bus station. The building comes on a paved base measuring approximately 15" x 3.5".

Price: A  



 RCL on tilt table Kingsway kit RT on tilt test Kingsway kit

Aldenham works tilt test shed TT Aldenham Tilt Test Shed

All London double deckers had to undergo a 'tilt test' to ensure stability. The bus was loaded with a full top deck load (simulated with sandbags) and then tilted on the tilt table.

It had to be able to be tilted  to an angle of 38° with its wheels still on the floor. There were rubber buffers to catch the vehicle if it tipped but it was otherwise not restrained. This model of the shed and table actually works and an EFE or similar bus can be tested. Unfortunately because model buses are top heavy they will fail the test although a strategic blob of blutack will secure the model for photography.

Price: B








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