High Street model building card kits in 1/76 scale

1/76 scale OO gauge town scenes created in card by Kingsway Models
  OO 1/76 scale street scene using a variety of card building kits from the Kingsway Models range.

 All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale OO gauge

 The Kingsway High Street range of card kits provides a large variety of characterful 1/76 scale model buildings suitable for use on OO gauge model railway layouts and dioramas.


 DGS Dutch Gabled Shops - two kits give a parade of six shops

Kingsway Models town diorama 1/76 scale card building kits


The diorama above has been created using a number of Kingsway Models building kits with the addition of some PAV paving.



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 Other kits






Many kits will benefit from the addition of paving.

The PAV paving kit provides 100" of easily adaptable  card paving

Many of the kits are half relief (they have no back) being ideally suited for use as a diorama for road vehicles.

The aim has been to provide distinctive buildings which reflect typical British townscapes of the mid to late twentieth century.

The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts need to be cut out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly. Thinner card is used for some parts.

Please see HERE for what involved in assembling a kit.

Many of the buildings will benefit from the addition of suitable paving. The PAV kit provides over 100" length of typically British paving , including a variety of corners.

The range is gradually expanding, and now includes shops, cinemas, houses, fire stations, pubs, and even a ten storey block of flats 17" tall.

New to the range are a Modern Filling Station, Retail Park Units and a Fast Food Restaurant which can give a modern feel to your scene. 

All kits are to 1/76 scale and are based on real buildings.

Don't forget to look at the range of 1/76 scale London Underground station buildings.


Prices include postage to UK ONLY -  International customers please contact me before ordering.

Period 1950s street scene using card building kits from the Kingsway Models HIgh St range. 1/76 scale OO gauge

1950s street scene using some of the kits from the range.

Retail Park and Fast Food restaurant card kits in 1/76 scale

Modern day scene using the retail park and fast food restaurant kits



Many of the High Street range of kits are small enough to post in ready made form.

If you are interested in a ready built model then please see this page and  contact me with your requirements.





 London Tramway street scene in 1/76 scale created using Kingsway Models card building kits


 A 1/76 scale OO gauge model tramway layout featuring many Kingsway Models buildings.



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