Provincial Bus Garages 1/76 scale card model kits


Card kits of PROVINCIAL BUS GARAGES & BUS STATIONS in 1/76 scale


All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale OO gauge

 A sharp knife and steel ruler are essential for construction




Southdown Uckfield bus depot / station 1/76 scale card kit



 NEW - Uckfield. This Southdown depot / bus station is now available. Details further down this page.


NEW Western National Helston garage depot

Helston , Western National depot. Details down page.


 Click HERE to be able to download an illustrated list of Provincial Bus Garage kits

 Kits now available for:

Birmingham City Transport


Eastern Counties

East Kent 

Eastern National

East Yorkshire

Luxton District 

Westcliff on Sea

Western National



First Edinburgh 

Great Yarmouth Corporation

Isle of Man

Maidstone & District

Midland Red 




United Counties 



Kits can be supplied with alternative signs for other bus companies or even fictional ones, for a small fee.

CONTACT ME for details




The Kingsway Models range of card bus garage kits provides authentic settings for 1/76 scale diecast model buses.

 The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts require cutting out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly.

See HERE for what is involved in assembling a kit.

 It can be quite straightforward to relabel a garage for a different company - see the Free Download page for replacement NBC signs.

Bus garages are big places! Many of the kits described below are low relief. Use the GGXa and GGXb Generic Garage Extension kits to extend them.

See details of these on the Garage Extensions page.




   Prices include postage to UK ONLY -  International customers please contact me before ordering.

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 NEW - Southdown Haywards Heath bus station

Southdown Haywards Heath bus station 1/76 scale card kit model

This model of Haywards Heath art deco style bus station is a new addition to the range - see further down the page.






 Yardley Wood Bus Depot
 BCTY Yardley Wood Garage

Yardley Wood Omnibus Garage was opened by Birmingham City Transport on the 9th November 1938. The art deco style building has a large office block, which has been reduced in length for the model.

The model can be constructed signed for Birmingham City Transport (above) or in modern guise (below). It measures approximately 30" wide and  3.5" deep.

This kit might be of use to non-bus modellers as a 'town hall' type of building.

 Price: C
 BCT Yardley Wood Garage

detail of entrance


Detail of garage entrance.

Photo: Yardley Wood Bus Club

Hospital scene built from the Kingsway Yardley Wood bus garage kit

The Yardley Wood offices used here as a hospital. All that was needed were some flower beds and signs! 



Crosville Corwen depot
CC Corwen Depot

The small Crosville depot at Corwen, North Wales. The model is approximately 10" wide by 5.5" deep. Alternative labels are provided for NBC and Crosville Cymru. The depot can be built with the doors open or closed.

Price: BCrosville bus depot

Crosville Flint depot Kingsway Models card kit
CFNT Flint
An impressive brick built structure from North Wales. The model measures approximately 22.5" wide and 6.5" deep.
Price: B
Crosville Flint bus deot Kingsway Models card kit

 Flint depot model photographs courtesy Mike Hitchen




Eastern Counties Ipswich bus depot

Eastern Counties Ipswich bus depot

ECIM Ipswich Market garage.

A typical ECOC depot which measures approximately 7.5" wide by 7" deep.

Price: A 




East Kent New Romney dormy shed bus depot card kit in 1/76 scale 

 EKNR New Romney dormy shed

This is an example of a small local bus depot (a dormy shed) used to house two or three buses in a small village. The main shed is approximately 7" deep by 5.5" wide, and the small office extension is an addition. The three doors can be posed in different positions, and there is some simple interior detail included.

Price: A 


East Kent New Romney dormy shed





Canvey Transport Museum Castle Point

ENCP Castle Point Transport Museum

Now a transport museum, this was once the Canvey Island depot of Eastern National. Approximately 15" wide by 2.5" deep.

Price: A  

Eastern National Canvey bus depot

ENCY Canvey Depot

 As it was just before closure and subsequent conversion to a Transport Museum. Approximately 15" wide by 2.5" deep.

Price: A  


Canvey - Westcliff on Sea version 

 WSTC Canvey Depot - Westcliff on Sea

 A model of Canvey Depot with Westcliff on Sea signage. Approximately 15" wide by 2.5" deep.

(Model & photograph by Keith Peacock)

Price: A   

Kingsway kit Dovercourt depot

 ENDT Dovercourt depot

A model of this compact depot (now used as a public library) with its small forecourt enclosed by adjacent buildings. The model is 8" wide by 10" deep.

Thanks to Chris Stewart for providing prototype pictures used for reference in the course of producing the kit.

Price: B

Eastern National Dovercourt bus depot



Wood Green eastern National depot by Kingsway Models
Eastern National Wood Green depot by Kingsway Models


ENWG Wood Green Depot


For many years the London terminus of the lengthy 251 route the depot was also filmed as the setting of 'On the Buses'. Why not visit the On the buses website?

Before being taken over by Eastern National the depot had been a City Bus Co. depot. The kit includes alternative labels for City, EN and Luxton District (the fictional On the Buses company.)

Approximate size 8" wide by 11" deep.

Price: B

Get that bus aht - On the Buses - card kit by Kingsway Models
"Butler! Get that bus aht!"


Kingsway Models kit - East Yorkshire Driffield bus garage

Models built and photographed by Andrew Robinson


East Yorkshire Driffield bus garage by Andrew Robinson


EYD Driffield

This model of Driffield depot includes signage for present day and NBC periods.
It is approximately 11" wide and with the adjacent office 14" deep. The doors can be posed as required.

Price: B


SMW Musselburgh Depot

Musselburgh bus depot 

The Eastern Scottish depot in Mall Avenue was built on the site of a former tram depot in 1961. It is now operated by First Edinburgh. 

The model measures approximately 17" wide by 7" deep. It has a detailed interior. 


Price: B


 Musselburgh aerial view

Musselburgh interior Musselburgh bus depot card kit




Great Yarmouth Corporation bus garage Kingsway kit

GYC Great Yarmouth Caister Road

A magnificent art deco garage and adjacent office originally owned by the Great Yarmouth Corporation. The building is still in use by First Eastern Counties. The decorative stone panels depicting bus, train and stagecoach are reproduced. In later years these have been painted blue, but bare stone versions are included to build an earlier version. The model is approximately 25" wide by 9" deep. Many thanks to Tony Hall for inspiring this kit, and providing source photos.

 Price: C

Great Yarmouth Bus Garage Kingsway kitFirst Eastern Counties Great Yarmouth




 Ramsey Bus Stn IOM Kingsway card kit


 Ramsey Bus Stn IOM Kingsway card kitRamsey Bus Stn IOM Kingsway card kit


IOMR Ramsey Bus Station

A model of Ramsey bus station on the Isle of Man. Although a small prototype, this is a substantial model measuring 10" wide by 14" deep, being modelled in it's entirety.  
Many thanks to Steve Bryce-Grant who suggested this kit and assisted with photos.
        Price: C


Maidstone & District Tunbridge Wells, St Johns Rd

MDSJ Tunbridge Wells,

St John's Road Garage

The model is approximately 27" wide and 4" deep.  Alternative labels are provided to show the garage in the Arriva period.

Price: B





Midland Red Southgates Depot Kingsway Models kit
Midland Red Southgates Kingsway Models card kit

MRSS Leicester Southgates

Built in 1927 and finally closed in 2009, this model of the exit from Leicester Southgates depot is approximately 8" wide by 9.5" deep.

Price: B

Shrewsbury depot Kingsway card kit

MRSY Shrewsbury Ditherington

Built in 1920 and successively expanded over the years, Shrewsbury depot comes with modern Arriva signage. The model measures approximately 26" wide by 3.5" deep.

Price: B

Kingsway models Shrewsbury depot



 In response to a customer's request, I have produced a version of this kit with detail alterations to represent the LUT Howe Bridge depot.

MRSY(LUT) Atherton lookalike 

 Dimensions are the same as the standard model. Note that the model shown above has a photographic interior and is fitted to a baseboard which are not included in the kit.

 Price: B

The photo shows how fairly simple changes can make a  big difference to a model! Take a look at the various garage models available in the Kingsway range - I can often provide altered signage at minimal expense.


Midland Red Wellington depot Kingsway Models card kit

MRWL Wellington depotClose up of tower and office in classic period

Wellington depot was rebuilt in this style in 1953. The model is approximately 17" wide by 3" deep, and comes with signs for Midland Red or Arriva ownership.

Price: B





Midland Red Wellington depot card model Kingsway Models card kit

Wellington model built for a customer, fitted with interior backscene sheet and scenic base.





 Sherriffhall Park & Ride terminal building

 SPR Sheriffhall Park & Ride terminal building

This model is based on the Midlothian , Sheriffhall terminal building in Edinburgh, standing in a large car park at the terminus of a commuter bus route.  It could serve as a similar facility anywhere in the UK, or perhaps as a bus station.

The building has a footprint approximately 9" x 6.5".  With some care it would be possible to remove the printed window areas and add clear plastic sheet. To this end some interior detailing is supplied in the kit.

Note that the photo above shows it with a strip of Kingsway PAV paving, which is not included.

Price: A Sherriffhall park and ride terminal building card kit in 1/76 scale


Rear view of Sherriffhall park and ride building

Sherriffhall bus park and ride terminal building

 Rear view of building 

 Photo: Brian Mason


With care this kit can be made into a very special model. 

Brian Mason, who kindly provided photographs of the real thing for me to work from has fitted real windows and a detailed interior.






Bognor bus stn Kingsway Kit

SBOG Bognor Bus Station

Art deco styled bus station. The model is approximately 11" wide and 6" deep including paving.

The model depicts the street frontage of the bus station.

Price: B

Southdown Chichester depot Kingsway card kit

SCHR Chichester


This model of Chichester depot is approximately 16" wide and 7" deep. The doors can be repositioned as required.

Price: B

Southdown Chichester Kingsway kit
Southdown Chichester Kingsway card kit


Southdown Hayling Island bus depot Kingsway Models card kit

SHAY Hayling Island

A simple shed type depot in an art deco style.
The model measures approximately 8.5" wide by 11" deep.

The original building still survives and is used as a DIY store.

Price: B

Southdown Hayling Island bus depot Kingsway Models card kit
Southdown Hayling Island bus depot Kingsway Models card kit
Southdowns Hayling Island Depot by Mike Hart
A fifties scene at Hayling Depot - model built by Mike Hart.


Hayling Island bus garage built by Peter Greaves Southdown Hayling depot built into an attractive scene on a model railway layout by Peter Greaves.




Southdown Haywards Heath bus station model


 SHH Haywards Heath bus station

This art deco bus station still stood until demolished in 2015. The model shows it in it's heyday with canopies in place. These have a stepped design to allow for the gentle gradient of the site.

 Haywards Heath bus station model kit from Kingsway Models

Consequently the model will need a gently sloping road surface alongside; although it stands happily on a flat surface. A pattern is provided to give the necessary 1:20 gradient.

The model is viewable from all sides, and includes paving creating an island approximately 8" x 17".

Price: C


Southdown Haywards Heath bus station card model kit


Southdown Haywards Heath bus station 1/76 scale model Kingsway Models


SHH Haywards Heath model built into a model diorama with other items (paving added). Note that the building requires a baseboard that has a slight incline gaining approximately 10mm over it's length.





 SHS Handcross dormy shed

Southdown Handcross bus dormy shed  

Southdown had many small bus depots - commonly known as dormy sheds, which would house one or two buses, to avoid long journeys of 'dead running' back to a larger garage. 

This model of Handcross is approximately 6" deep by 4" wide, and will hold two vehicles. The doors may be folded and posed open or closed, and the interior has some simple detail.

Price: A 

 The kit now includes alternative red doors and a plain front wall panel. These enable it to represent the shed of an alternative bus company,  or maybe a rural fire station.

 Handcross built in optional fire station format

 Alternative rural fire station version.

 Handcrossdormy shed card model bus depot in 1/76 scale


 Hilsea NBC version

SPH Portsmouth Hilsea

A classic art deco styled Southdown depot. This kit will construct the building in either the traditional Southdown style, or with NBC period signage. The model is approximately 34" wide by 5.5" deep.


Price: C

 Hilsea Southdown version

 Centre section detail - Southdown HilseaHilsea depot entrance detail


Note that the model is shown in the pictures with added paving from the PAV kit in the Kingsway HIgh Street range.

 Hilsea depot  Southdown version


Southdown Portsmouth Hilsea garage model built by Peter Greaves 

This model of Hilsea, with extra added detail has been built by Peter Greaves. Click on the image and scroll down to find more photos. 

 SUK Uckfield


Southdown Uckfield bus station 1/76 scale card model kit


This bus depot / station is modelled on the one at Uckfield, Sussex. The depot will accommodate six vehicles and has doors that may be positioned open  or closed. The kit enables the roof of the depot to made removable to allow access.

Bus station facilities - cafe, conveniences , shelter are positioned alongside the building. The whole model has a footprint approximately 10" square.

Although based on a Southdown prototype, alternative signage is included in the kit, so that it could be used for any bus company.

 Price: C

Southdown Uckfield bus station model


 The depot doors mUckfield bus depot entrance 1/76 scale Kingsway Modelsay be         positioned open or closed.


Southdown Uckfield bus station Kingsway Models card kit


The bus station has a cafe, conveniences and waiting shelter.
Southdown Uckfield bus station / depot




 Trent Matlock depot

TM Matlock depot

This building still stands in Matlock, used as a car exhaust repair depot. Previously it was a North Western bus depot, later passing to Trent.

The depot always operated single-deckers. In fact the right hand side entrance was only high enough for these.

The model measures approximately 21" wide by 8" deep. The doors can be posed open or closed.

Price: C


Trent Matlock bus depot card model kit



United Counties Huntingdon depot

UCH Huntingdon

This compact bus depot is modelled externally in full. There are two entrances at the front and a single one at the rear . An office and administration block runs along the side.

The footprint of the entire building is approximately 16" wide by 13" deep.

Signs are provided for the NBC period, and also for Stagecoach. There is provision for modelling the modern roller shutter housings and extra cladding fitted during this period.

The building is sufficiently anonymous in design to be suitable for any bus company - real or imagined - if new signs are added.

See the Free Downloads page for replacement NBC signs

Price: C

Rear view of United Counties Huntingdon bus depot model

 Rear view of Huntingdon bus depot model


 Stagecoach version of Huntingdon bus depotThe Stagecoach version (left) has modern roller shutter housings and reshaped brickwork.






 United Counties Huntingdon bus depot model in 1/76 scale

 Overhead view of the building.

Width 16" , depth 13"











Helston bus depot 1/76 scale model

WNH Helston

This full relief model of Western National's Helston depot measures approximately 14" wide by 11" deep. 

Two alternative WNOC signs are included to produce pre NBC versions.

Western National Helston depot 1950s 1/76 scale card kit

For the NBC version there is a small extension building on the left side and other small changes.

 Helston depot NBC version 1/76 scale model bus garage kit

Helston bus depot card model kit

The model may be assembled leaving the roof sections removable although it is suggested that in this case, the walls are fixed to a base.

It is possible to re-label the depot building quite easily in order to represent other companies.  

Price: C





GGX / GGZ garage extension units

 These units are each ten inches square, and may be used to extend many of the other bus garage models. With some care and imagination this range of items can provide a model bus garage suitable for a wide range of needs.

They are available in two roof styles and may be bought as three sided square units (useful for extending other models). There are also two different styles of front wall - in modern or traditional designs.

The pictures below describe the range that is available. Full details can be found on the Garage Extensions page.


Kingsway Models GGX GGZ garage extension units

Bus garage extension kits

Now available - bus garage extension kits that can be used to extend Kingsway frontage kits. Available in 10" square units. Click HERE for details.




United Counties Huntingdon bus depot 1/76 scale model

 United Counties Huntingdon depot



 Kingsway Models