Underground card model kits in 1/76 scale OO gauge

Card kits of LONDON UNDERGROUND buildings in 1/76 scale suitable for use with OO gauge model railways. 


The station buildings of the London Underground have long been recognised for their diversity of architectural styles, and in some cases for their design excellence.

 The Kingsway Models range of 1/76 scale card Underground kits comprises a variety of London underground station buildings, tube station platform tunnels, escalators, and a train depot.

They are suitable for use with OO gauge 1/76 scale model railways and can also be used as dioramas for model buses and other vehicles.

The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts need to be cut out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly. 

See HERE for what is involved in assembling a kit. 


 Click HERE to be able to download an illustrated  list of current Underground kits

 All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale OO gauge

Oval Underground Station card kit 1-76 scale OO gauge NEW -  Oval Underground Station

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Kingsway Models wooden escalator model incorporated into a sectional model of a London Underground station. 

 A Kingsway ESCW escalator model incorporated into a sectional London Underground station model, built for a customer. For more photos of this model , click HERE.



London Underground station kits

Aldgate   (CW Clark)

Arnos Grove (Charles Holden)

Charles Holden style (Morden extension)

Bounds Green (James & Bywaters)

Ealing Common  (Charles Holden)

Hammersmith (Charles Holden)  

Leslie Green style (oxblood tiles)

Maida Vale (Stanley Heaps)

Mile End  (Stanley Heaps)

Morden (Charles Holden)

Rayners Lane (Charles Holden)

Redbridge (Charles Holden)

Other Underground kits

Tube station platform (Morden Extension

Tube station platform  (alternative style)

Circle Line Embankment walls 

Ealing Common Depot


Station interior kit








It is possible to supply kits with customised signage for a small fee.

Please CONTACT ME for details.




ALD Aldgate Underground Station

In the standard Metropolitan Railway design by C.W. Clark, this is a low relief model of the Aldgate station frontage. The building measures approximately 12" x 3" plus the strip of paving which is included.

 Aldgate Station

The kit includes a plain blue entrance canopy frieze and also a 'Metropolitan Railway' title for the wall, should you wish to rename the station.

 Price: A





Aldgate Underground station 1/76 scale card kit

Arnos Grove tube Stn Kingsway Kit 

ARG Arnos Grove Undergound Station

Arnos Grove Station on the northern extension of the Piccadilly Line was designed by Charles Holden and is regarded as an outstanding example of 1930's railway architecture. The station was opened in 1932 and is now a listed building.

The kit builds into a scale model of the booking hall, but does not include the footbridge or station buildings. The model has a 'footprint' approximately 15" square. It might be possible to cut the building down to a half relief model but it would be a shame to do so. Also available in N gauge.

Price: C 

Arnos Grove Underground tube Station model in 1/76  scale


Arnos Grove London Transport Underground station card kit in 1/76 scale OO gauge by Kingsway Models


 ARG Arnos Grove station model shown with Kingsway PAV paving kit added , in front of a photographic background.

Arnos Grove Underground Station

The ticket machines shown in the model (and also interior walls) can be freely downloaded from the downloads page.



Kingsway Models Bounds Green Underground tube Station kit

BGN Bounds Green Station

Another of the distinctive stations of the northern extension of the Piccadilly Line, Bounds Green was designed by Charles James under the supervision of Charles Holden. It was opened in 1932.

The model measures approximately 9" wide by 10" deep. (The paving shown is not included)

Price: C

Bounds Green Underground Station Kingsway Models card kit


Circle Line Brick Wall

Circle Line Wall - two types

Brick arched embankment wall for use on LT cut and cover lines.

Two types are available:-

CAA Circle Line Station Wall
Circle Line Station Walling kit

Circle Line station wall detail

 This  type of wall is that used at subsurface stations, alongside the platforms - these can be placed where the white panel is in the picture. Wall like this can be seen at South Kensington and other stations.

The kit includes approximately 15" of wall. 

Price: AA 


 CAB Circle Line Embankment Wall

Circle Line Embankment Wall kit
Circle Line wall arch detail


This  type of wall is that used on subsurface lines, alongside the tracks. Wall like this can be seen at many locations around the Circle Line.

The kit includes approximately 15" of wall, and some additional matching brickpaper.

Price: AA 




Charles Holden Underground Station model

CHS Charles Holden Underground Station

Based on the buildings used on the southern extension of the Northern Line, this station come with signs for Balham, Tooting Bec and Colliers Wood. The building measures approximately 5" by 5" with paving that extends beyond this.

Charles Holden stationCharles Holden station 

Price: B


Ealing Common Stn Kingsway Kit 

ECM Ealing Common Underground Station

The station building at Ealing Common was opened in 1931 on what was then the District Line. The Piccadilly has served the station from 1932. Very similar to the station at Hounslow West, the building is a three dimensional development of the the style used on the Morden  extension stations. The model is approximately 10" wide by 9" deep.

Price: B


Ealing Common station card model




Ealing Common Depot Kingsway Kit 

ECD Ealing Common Style Depot

This kit provides a depot building loosely in the style of Ealing Common and other Underground depots. It provides five tracks at two inch centres. The model is approximately 11" wide and 10" deep. It could perhaps be best used at the end of the layout with the tracks passing through to a fiddle yard. The kit has double thickness walls with printed detail inside and out and glazed windows and roof-lights.

Price: C


Kingsway Models card escalator kit

Kingsway models card escalator kitESCW wooden escalator

This bank of three escalators climbs a vertical height of 68mm and is 90mm wide. It could be cut down to a double unit if required.

Also available in steel grey finish - kit reference ESCS.

Kingsway Models card escalator kitThe nature of the prototype is such that this is a fiddly kit to make - but spare parts are included.
The finished model might benefit from a clear plastic curved roof to use in a sectioned Underground station scene.

Price: AA



 For a photo sequence showing the building of the ESCW escalator kit, please click HERE.

 ESCW wooden London Underground escalator card kit in 1/76 scale

The video below shows the ESCW model built into a sectional model Underground station.



A twin escalator unit built from the ESCW kit.

It would be just as possible to build a single unit if required.




 Hammersmith Queen Caroline Street entrance card kit 1/76 scale

Hammersmith station entranceHAM  Hammersmith Queen Caroline St station entrance

A half relief station building in the Holden style. In reality this entrance to Hammersmith Station is long gone along with a broadly similar one that once stood at Highgate.

The model measures approximately 8.5" high by 5.5" wide and (including canopy) 3.5" deep. It is a half relief building. Interior walls and flooring is provided that can be arranged to lead off to an unseen corridor that would convey the passengers to the platforms. As shown in the pictures, the building can easily be inserted into a streetscene.

 Price: A



Station entrance detail



Mornington Crescent Station built from the Kingsway Models Leslie Green station kit

LG Leslie Green Style Tube Station

The characteristic tiled tube station building is still a common sight in London. A basic 'kit of parts' was used in different ways for a large number of the early deep level tube stations. The kit provides a range of pieces that can be assembled to represent many of the prototype stations, or you can design your own. A variety of arched window combinations is provided along with internal wall, ticket machines and lift doors. A pair of shop units are included as well as a selection of station name signs, and a choice of round or rectangular small windows.

The kit is NOT intended to build any one particular prototype, but allows the builder to select what they need from a variety of parts.  You might be inspired by a particular station, or just invent your own! David Leboff's excellent book 'The Underground Stations of Leslie Green' is highly recommended.

The builder will have to provide extra card for flat roofs and external side walls (use plain brick paper for these). Many of the original buildings have had office blocks built on top. The kit will provide enough material for two or even more frontages.

Price: B

Mornington Crescent Dtation built from the Kingsway Models Leslie Green styke station kit

Two examples of Leslie Green style stations built from the Kingsway kit. Above is a representation of Mornington Crescent station on the Northern line.
Below is a fictional station built to 'fill a gap' on a model railway layout - the variety of parts in the kit enable the builder to produce something that can be tailored to fill the space available.
Minic Park station - fictinoal example with extra detailing

 Aldwych Station Basildon Model Railway Club

The smaller entrance of  Aldwych Underground station, as modelled by the Basildon Model Railway Club. Note that a part from the LG kit has been inserted into the Kingsway Models RSP Station Parade kit. See here for full details of the kit.




Maida Vale Station Kingsway card kit

Kingsway card kit Maida Vale StationMAV Maida Vale Station

Built in 1915 to a design by Stanley Heaps after the style of Leslie Green. This Bakerloo line station building measures approximately 10" by 11" for a corner site. 

 Price: B



 ME Mile End Underground Station

 Built for the postwar eastern extension of the Central Line the Mile End station entrance is very compact which makes it ideal for incorporating it into a model railway layout. In real life a flight of stairs led down from the ticket hall. It could equally well be used to link to a corridor or overbridge.

The building is 7.5" wide and 4" at the deepest point. A strip of paving is included, together with early and late style signs.

Price: A

Mile End station Underground station card kit MIle End Station card kit from Kingsway Models






 Morden Stn early Kingsway KitMorden diorama by Nigel Ridout

MOR Morden Underground Station

 The Morden extension of the Northern Line was opened in 1926. All of the stations on this part of the line were designed  by Charles Holden and have a portland stone 'folding screen' that frames the Bullseye window. At Morden the screen becomes a flat wall signifying the end of the line - other stations are sited on corner sites with the screen folding around the corner. 

The building has been changed and adapted since it first opened with the canopy being extended and then in the sixties an office block was built above.  The forecourt of the station has always been a busy bus station, and has consequently appeared as the backdrop in many photographs of London buses. The model is approximately 27" wide and can be built with part or full canopies and with or without the office block.

Price: C




Oval Underground Station card kit 

OS Oval Underground Station

The model represents the station as it was after the modernisation of the 1920s but before the 're-cladding' of modern times.

Oval Station interior detail

It comes with two shopfronts and also paving to two sides. It measures approximately 9.5" square.

Included in the kit are a selection of internal details including walls and ticket machines which may be assembled in many ways according to need. An example layout is shown with a corridor leading 'around the corner' to  an escalator or lift.

 The rear walls are finished in plain brick. The roof may be left removable.


Price: B 

Oval Station card model kit









 Rayners Lane Underground Station Kingsway Models card kit

RAY Rayners Lane Underground Station 

This building at Rayners Lane Station replaced an earlier wooden structure in 1938. It was designed by Reginald H Uren following the general principles formulated by Charles Holden at Sudbury Town and elsewhere. The building is designed to project outwards from the surrounding shops over the wide pavement, making it very hard for passing customers to miss. The model is approximately 9.5" wide by 6" deep.

Price: B

Rayners Lane Station



 RED Redbridge StationRedbridge Underground Station 1/76 scale card model

 Redbridge Station was designed by Charles Holden for the postwar Central Line extension. The tracks below the station are just 16 feet below the ground and run under the A12 Eastern Avenue. During the war years the tunnels were used to manufacture aircraft components.

The model occupies a footprint approximately 10" by 11".

Price : C 

 Redbridge underground station OO gauge model kit


Tube Station Platform now available in two styles - TSN and TSA 

Details below

Northern Line stn platform

TSN Northern line style - Tube Station Platform

This kit provides a length of tube station platform and tunnel of sufficient length to display a four car train of EFE tube stock. The platform is decorated in the style of stations on the Morden extension of the Northern Line, such as Balham, South Wimbledon etc.  See below for the TSA variation.

The model length is approximately 38". The station signs included are for the fictional Churchill Street station. The kit has now been revised so that the advertisements are supplied on a separate sheet to be cut out and glued to the wall if desired.

The kit includes card 'rings' onto which the curved station walls are assembled.  Ideally the model would be incorporated into a sectional tube station diorama.

Price: B

 Exterior view of the TSN station kit.


Aldwych station platform model by Basildon Model Railway Club

A driver's eye view of Aldwych on the Basildon Model Railway Club's layout, and (below) passengers waiting for the train to Holborn.

(Both photos - Graham Davies) 

Aldwych Station model by Basildon Model Railway Club


Below:  a further example of the TSN kit used with some modification. The ESCW escalator can just be glimpsed through the passage opening, as can another platform.

TSN tube tunnel platform with modifications



Northern Line underground station tube diorama built from the Kingsway Models 1/76 scale card kit

 Slightly modified version of the Kingsway Models TSN kit used as part of a diorama depicting Colliers Wood Underground station. The station has been renamed by the addition of alternative cross bars on the signs. PECO rail insulators have been used with rail to represent the third and fourth rail supply.





 TSA Tube station platform tunnel - alternative style wall tiling

 Tube station platform tunnel 1/76 scale card kit OO gauge

 The tunnel platform produced from this kit is of similar dimensions to the TSN kit described above, but the walls are decorated in an alternative style.

 Tube station platform tunnel card kit in 1/76 scale Underground

 The fictional station name is London Road. A sheet of advertisments is supplied in the kit, which may be added  to the walls as desired.

Price: B

 Tube station tunnel and platform card model kit OO gauge 1/76 scale


Overall view of the entire length of the TSA tube platform station tunnel. Like the TSN kit the platform can just accommodate a four car EFE tube stock train, and has openings for two entrance / exit passages.Tube station underground platform tunnel in 1/76 scale

Below is a TSA model which has been built with some modifications for a customer, including relabelling with an alternative station name.


Modified TSA tube station model.


IMPORTANT!  I've had a few enquiries asking about suitability of the tube station tunnel kits (TSN & TSA) for the new Bachmann S Stock trains!!

For the benefit of the unenlightened: -

Tube stations are sized for tube stock trains that fit through a 12' diameter tunnel. Surface stock trains like the S stock) are rather larger.

The comparison can be seen here.


 Underground station interior

 USI Underground Station Interior

This kit contains a selection of useful items for those wishing to extend any of the Kingsway Undergound station interior itemsUnderground station kits.


Underground station passageways Included in the kit are two sheets of floor tiles on card, each approx. 6.5" x 9.5"; two sheets of tiled wall sections on card amounting to over 70" length of wall; a bookstall frontage; ticket machines, and various posters.



 Using these parts, you can build all kinds of station scenes that can be incorporated into a sectional diorama.

 Right: simple passageway layout.





Left: An example of a sectional diorama that has been built using the HAM Hammersmith station, ESCW Escalator, and TSN tube platform kits, with elements from the USI station interiors kit.

Notice that the ESCW escalator has been cut down to a double unit from the standard triple.

Designing such dioramas is quite absorbing, if not always easy.

Note that no specific instructions are supplied - the exact use of these parts is down to the builder!


Price: A






Model Underground station 1/76 scale OO gauge Kingsway Models





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