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Other items from Kingsway Models useful for building a model diorama in 1/76 scale

Here are some other kits which will be useful in creating a typical British scene.

The aim has been to provide distinctive buildings which reflect typical British townscapes of the mid to late twentieth century.

The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts need to be cut out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly. Thinner card is used for some parts. See HERE for what involved in assembling a kit.

Many of the buildings will benefit from the addition of suitable paving. The PAV kit detailed here provides over 100" length of typically British paving , including a variety of corners. 


 All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale OO gauge




NEW Main Dealer Showroom 1-76 scale model 

Find the NEW MDS Main Dealer Car Showroom about halfway down the page.


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 1/76 scale card paving kit

PAV Paving

Three sheets of card paving for use with Kingsway Models kits. This is printed on stout mounting card 1.25mm thick, equivalent to a kerb depth of nearly 4". It just needs to be cut out, have the edge darkened with a 3B pencil and stuck down on a baseboard.This paving will match that contained in many of the building kits. Two sheets are mainly straight, the other has some wider sections and angled corners.

The kit provides over 100" of straight paving with corners as well. Each pack includes a large corner suitable for use with many of the 'corner site' buildings such as Burtons and Bounds Green station.

Price: AA


PAV Str   Straight Paving

 Kingsway Models PAV paving










Price: AA

An alternative pack of PAV paving with three sheets of mainly straight sections.




ADV 1950s period adverts


Period 1950s adverts

Period photos showing 1950s street scenes commonly show a large number of commercial advertising posters on billboards.

This pack contains 32 different small vertical format posters approx. 2.8 x 4cm, and 8 larger horizontal format posters approx. 8 x 4cm, printed over two A4 sheets.

Black card is also provided to which the posters may be fixed. The resulting advert boards may be fastened to buildings, walls, or could be used as hoardings around bombsites.

Price: X





1950s posters 1-76 scale adverts





Car park wasteground diorama


 CPW Car Park Wasteground

This diorama shows a small car park situated on a disused building site with partially demolished walls still in situ. There are seven parking bays and two ticket machines.

A selection of eight hoarding posters and their frames are included. Two may be fixed to the rear wall and the others will be useful around your layout.

Car park wasteground kit 

 Car park wastegroundTicket machine

The whole model measures approximately 10.5" by 4", and may perhaps be usefully inserted into a high street scene between other buildings.


Price: A



 Ferodo bridge 1/76 scale

FB Ferodo Bridge

A once  common sight in towns across the country, this Ferodo bridge can provide a period scene for use on a model railway layout or simply a diorama for 4mm scale vehicles.

The kit can be constructed either to make a complete single span bridge or can be built as a half relief double span (below). Bridge walls and piers are included, but the bridge deck is not (a sheet of stout card, or maybe ply or MDF if a model railway track is to be laid). The bridge spans are about 6.5". The piers allow for a deck about 6" wide.

Price: AA


Ferod bridge card kit 1/76 scale


 Ferodo bridge card kit in OO scale

 The simple addition of a printed streetscene behind the bridge makes a tremendous difference and can be used to give the illusion of depth to a diorama.



 Local Bank card kit can be built with two or three storeys


Local bank - Lloyds card model 1/76 scale

  LBW Local Bank Wingham

A typical small local Bank. This model is intended for a corner site.The original is a two storey building, but the kit can now be built with an extra floor.

The model measures approximately 5.5" x 4.5" plus the included paving.

A variety of different bank names are provided and also atms.

Price: B

Model town diorama in 1/76 scale with bank and shops. Card models

 LBW Local Bank with other Kingsway models as part of a town diorama.


 MOB Modern Office Building (full relief)

 Modern Office Building full relief

 This modern office building is full relief and occupies a footprint approximately 10.5" x 5.5".

It includes two styles of sign for a  Job Centre but can also be built as a Police Station. See details on the Emergency 999 page


 Price: B 

 Modern filling station card kit in 1/76 scale
 MFS Modern Filling Station

A typical modern styled petrol station. The complete diorama fits on a base (included) a little smaller than a A4 sheet of paper.  The shop is a complete building having a detailed rear wall.

 Filling station - pump detail

Signs and pumps are included, as are access covers for the forecourt.


  Price: B

 Construction of the pumps is fiddly, but spare parts are provided. Modern filling station




 1960s Esso filling station card kit
 KG Kingsway Garage  - (Esso version shown above)

This filling station is based on one that stood in Birmingham, but is similar to many that operated in the 1960s.
The model comes complete with a printed forecourt, and has a footprint of approximately 10" by 8".It has a detailed rear wall.
The kit contains alternative fascias,  and signs. Four complete sets of pumps are provided to represent four different oil companies of the 1950s / 60s period.

 You will need to provide some thin black wire for the pump hoses.

 Price: B


 1960s Regent filling station1960s Shell filling station card kit









Regent version                                    Shell version

BP version 

 1960s BP filling station card kit 1/76 scale


PP Petrol Pumps 1/76 scale card kit



 PP Classic Petrol Pumps

Now available separately. These are the pumps included in the KG Kingsway Garage kit above.

Eight pumps may be built in four different brands - Regent, Esso, Shell and BP (a maximum of four of any brand)

You will need some black wire to represent the fuel hoses, and a steady hand for this fairly intricate kit.

 Price: X



 Here is the SHC Second Hand Car showroom kit (details on the Shops page)with an added petrol pump from the PP kit.



 LC Little Chef, A66 Appleby-in-Westmorland



A once common sight  alongside the main roads of Britain, this kit builds a full (not half relief) model of a roadside diner. The building has a footprint approximately 6" by 7", but don't forget to allow space for a car park! Signs included.

Price: AA  

This kit is now also available in 1/43 scale (O gauge). See this page for details.

Use grass mat from model shops and other scenic items to help create the scene.


Don't forget to look at the LCW Wansford kit (just below) for an alternative version of a Little Chef restaurant. 


 Little Chef card kit 1/76 scale

 LCW Little Chef , Wansford, A1. Art deco style

Now closed, the Little Chef at Wansford on the A1 was a well known landmark. It had opened in 1932 , being the fifth in the 'Knights of the Road' chain, and was built in the then popular Bauhaus style of architecture.

The model has a footprint of approximately 6" by 11". With some careful landscaping (using scenic items available from model shops) an attractive scene can be produced, in which several vehicles may be displayed. It is a complete building , not half relief.

 Price: A


Little Chef 1/76 scalemodel card kit diorama scene

By using a few items that can be obtained from model shops - grass mat, foliage etc. an attractive scene can easily created. The baseboard is a piece of hardboard or MDF which has been sprayed with grey car aerosol.

Little Chef restaurant scale model kit


 1/76 scale Main Dealer Garage & petrol station card kit

 MDG Main Dealer Garage & petrol station

This main dealer garage with showroom and filling station is modelled on a prototype in Hessle, East Yorkshire.MDG Main Dealer Garage & filling station card model kit

The half relief model has a footprint of approximately 13" x 7". It comprises a covered showroom, together with a fuelling area. Eight classic petrol pumps are included which may be constructed in four different brands - Esso, BP, Shell or Regent. You will need to provide some thin black wire to represent the hoses.

This model is now also available in 1/43 scale - see here.

 MDG showroom close up detail

The original building featured the large Ford sign but the kit also contains alternatives including a number of famous British motor manufacturers.


Price: B



Main Dealer Garage 1/76 scale card building kit

The kit includes various signs for the garage and a selection of petrol pump brands. Also included are car price labels for display on the windscreens. The model above has been fitted to a weathered base incorporating a small sales lot with extra fences (not included).


 Main Dealer Showroom model from Kingsway Models 1-76 scale

 MDS Main Dealer Showroom

 This Main Dealer Showroom building occupies a 'footprint' of approximately 13" x 8".  You will need to leave space in front and to at least one side.  You may wish to add the PP Classic Petrol Pumps which are described further up this page. to the forecourt.


Car Showroom has removable roof and front wall for access


The centre section o
f the front wall and the flat roof are removable for access. 


 Price: B




Signs are provide for Ford, Vauxhall Opel, and Austin Rover dealers.

The workshop doors below may be placed on left or right side of the building. (The opposite wall is plain brick) 

1-76 Main Dealer Showroom Kingsway Models Ford Dealer

 1-76 Main Dealer Showroom Kingsway Models

 Vauxhall Opel GM Dealer

 Main Dealer Showroom Austin Rover 1-76 scale Kingsway Models

 Austin Rover Dealer

 Note that the grey base mat shown in the photos is not included. 


 Motorway bridge 1/76 scale


MWB Motorway Bridge

This kit provides parts to build a half or full relief model of a typical motorway bridge - as used on the M1.

Please note: only the parts for both sides of the bridge are included. You will need other scenic items to complete the scene, easily obtainable from a model shop.

Full instructions including measurements and advice for reproducing the road surface are given.



The bridge is scaled to cross a full six lane (plus two hard shoulders) motorway in 1/76 scale measuring 16" wide.

Price: AA



Please understand that the kit only contains parts for the bridge sidesOne set of these are shown above in constructed form. Two sets are included in the kit.

You will need to provide a card deck for the bridge and also a base (MDF?) to build the scene on. The road surface is grey car aerosol paint, and the markings are simply strips of adhesive paper. The weathering is done by rubbing in some charcoal. 

Producing the realistic scene above is much easier than you might imagine!  Picture below shows a half relief model against a printed background.

  motorway bridge card kit


A motorway diorama like this provides an ideal way of displaying a large collection of model road vehicles or might be an interesting addition to a model railway layout. Pictures below shows full relief bridge using the two sets of parts provided in the kit.

 motorway bridge diorama





Car tyre centrein 1/76 scale


NTC Newark Tyre Centre

Based upon a tyre centre in Nottinghamshire, this model can be built in either of two brandings. The building has a footprint of approximately 9" x 5", although space should be left for a forecourt.

Car tyre centre in 1/76 scale OO gauge

 Tyre centre inspection rampsWhilst non-operational, the two inspection ramps may be built either 'up' or 'down'.

A small piece of clear plastic packaging will be required for the shopfront window.

The building is a full model, not half relief.


 Price: BCar tyre centre interior detail



 Rewley Road station card model
 QR Oxford (Rewley Road) Station

The Oxford Rewley Rd station of the Buckinghamshire Railway opened in 1851. The building's structure was built to the same design as that of the Crystal Palace built for the Great Exhibition the same year. Passenger services ended one hundred years later in 1951, and after fifty years of gradual decay the building was re-erected at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton Road in 2001.

This half relief kit depicts the station in LMS days and measures approximately 13" by 7".

Price: B



SJB St John's Bethnal Green

St John's Bethnal Green city church card kit 1/76 scale 

This is the front part of a city church in Bethnal Green, East London. It was built in 1830 to a design by Sir John Soane. It is one of the 'Commissoned churches' financed by act of parliament after the Napoleonic Wars, sometimes known as Waterloo churches.

Please note: - This is a large half relief model in 1/76 scale, being 11" wide by 8" deep. This is much larger than typical 'OO' scale church buildings!! The top of the domed tower is nearly 12" high. Incorporated into a scenic setting, with railings, monuments, and trees , this could be the centrepiece of a city layout.

Price: D

 St Johns Bethnal Green card model church

 St Johns tower detailSt Johns Bethnal Green 1/76 scale half relief card model city church











Above: aerial view

Left: Tower detail


 SJC St Judes Church


St Judes church OO gauge 1/76 scale card kit


 This is a model of a relatively compact church. Even so, in 1/76 scale it's footprint is approximately 7.5" x 11" - just about sitting within an A4 sheet of paper. The spire is about 12.5" tall.

The model has the potential to be quite a centrepiece for any layout.

 St Judes church OO gauge 1/76 scale model

 Here it is on a London based model tram layout.

It is perhaps not the best kit for a raw beginner, but the general principles are the same as for any other kit in the range.

Click here to view the instruction sheet.

 Price: C


South Lambeth postal delivery officePostal delivery depot
SLDO South Lambeth Postal Delivery Office

Based on a still existing building in Wandsworth Road, South London, this postal delivery office is modelled fully on all sides, although the rear is just plain brick.

The length of the sorting hall has been slightly reduced from the original, in order to make a more manageable model, but with the extra walling included a yard can be added in which to display the range of Royal Mail vehicles that are now available from the classic Morris Minors to modern Ford Transits.

 The building (without the yard) measures approximately 11.5" by 7".

Price: B



Kingsway Models postal delivery office card kit in OO gauge 1/76 scale


 PDO Postal Delivery Office

Postal delivery office 1/76 scale card kit



 Postal delivery office depot

 This modern style postal delivery office is based on a building in Salford.

The model is half relief and has a 'footprint' of 5" x 11".

 Price AAPostal delivery office card kit 1/76 scale


Postal delivery office 1/76 scale model

 The model should be given a large yard in which to park Royal Mail vehicles.


Truck Loading Bay kit in OO gauge 1/76 scale


 TLB Truck Loading Bay

 This half relief loading bay has a footprint of approximately 20" x 3". Eight docks are provided suitable for LGVs. A selection of modern style markings and signs are included in the kit. 

 TLB Truck Loading Bay kit in 1/76 OO gaugeLoading Bay signs






 A variety of commercial signs are included in the kit



The roof of the warehouse has air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Price: B

1/76 scale card kit loading bay truck lorry




 Streatham telephone exchange scale model card kit

STE Streatham Telephone Exchange (Leigham Avenue)

A half relief model of  the exchange  providing a parking area in which to display a number of GPO Telephones vehicles. The model measures approximately 13" wide by 6" deep (allowing for an access either side.

Although this is a telephone exchange, the architecture is similar to that used for some post offices, and alternative signage is included for this purpose. (see picture below)

Post office 1/76 scale model kit

The kit also includes a  free-standing complete model of an UAX (unattended automatic exchange) commonly used in rural areas (below). Just add some fencing and perhaps a call box, and add to any rural scene.

Price (for both STE and UAX) : BUAX telephone exchange card kit 1/76 scale



FFR  Fast Food Restaurant

 Fast food restaurant 1/76 scale card kit


This model mayfast food restaurant card kit detail be built in one of three alternate versions. It includes a drive through counter, paving and various signs.  The completed model measures approximately 8"square , and detailed on all sides.


  Price: B 


Ideal for use alongside the new RPU kits (seen in the shops page) 


Fast food restaurant card kit



Fast food restaurant card kit 1/76 scale


 Have you seen the cinemas? Click the filmstrip!


1/76 scale OO gauge card cinema kits Kingsway Models







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OO gauge 1-76 scale modern filling station Kingsway Models

  Modern filling station forecourt detail

 Kingsway Models