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All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale OO gauge


A sharp knife and steel ruler are essential for construction




Semi detached council houses



 NEW - SEME Semi detached council houses 

Full details down the page.


Georgian small terraced houses

 NEW - TERG Small Georgian terraced houses. Full relief model

Details down the page


Card model house kits in 1/76 scale suitable for use on OO gauge model railway layouts and in dioramas for model road vehicles.

The aim has been to provide distinctive buildings which reflect typical British townscapes of the mid to late twentieth century.

The range comprises terraced houses and semi-detached houses of various styles, and even a high rise block of flats.  

The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts need to be cut out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly. Thinner card is used for some parts. See HERE for what involved in assembling a kit.

All are to 1/76 scale and are based on real buildings.


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Prices include postage to UK ONLY -  International customers please contact me before ordering.


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FLATS - half relief block of flats

 Card block of flats model in 1/76 scale

This model is based on a block in Salford. It measures 17" tall. The building is a half relief representation that can be built with either a  triangular or rectangular plan.

Two kits could be built together to give a complete building on a footprint of 7" x 11".

Price: D 

Click HERE for a photo sequence showing the construction of this kit

Flats card kit diagram


Half relief flats card model  

 Half relief block of flats OO gauge 1/76 scale




1/76 scale flats built by Shaun Taylor

Above & below- These three blocks of flats were built and photographed by Shaun Taylor on his Carbbie Bridge layout.

1/76 scale flats built by Shaun Taylor



 SEMA / SEMB semi detached houses 

 Semi detached houses card kits 1/76 scale

Two styles of semi detached houses common throughout the country.

Each pair of houses has a footprint of 6" x 3.5", and a single garage. 

Note that these houses are complete models - not half relief. Each kit contains some additional front and garage doors to vary the look should you wish to have a small estate. 

Traditional style semi detached house card model 



Pair of traditional style houses with

single garage.

Price: AA




Traditional semi detached house card kit 1/76 OO gauge Austin Cambridge


 Ideal for housing on model railway layouts set in the twentieth century - typical housing as used all over the country.  Super for 'Metroland' London suburbs.


Semi detached model houses



Art deco style semi detached house card model



Pair of art deco style houses with single garage.








 SEMA x2 Traditional Semi-detached houses 

Two Semi detached house card kits at bargain price 

Photo shows models with extra scenic items not included in kit  

Two SEMA kits i.e. two pairs of  semi-detached houses      Price: B

The kit contains two pairs of houses and two garages giving a saving of £2 over the price of two standard SEMA kits 

SEMC x2 semi detached precast concrete houses 

 1/76 scale precast concrete model semidetached houses

 Two SEMC kits i.e. four semi detached houses      Price: A

During the fifties, precast reinforced concrete houses were built to alleviate the nationwide housing shortage. This particular type is easily identified by the enveloping roof, and was known as the Cornish style. 

The roof makes this a slightly challenging  kit to construct but it is sold in packs of two. so you have a spare to practice with! The houses are complete models, not half relief.

Spare doors in different colours are supplied so you can easily build a whole estate. Each pair of houses has a 'footprint' approximately 5.7" x 2.7".

 precast concrete semi detached houses card kit 1/76 scale



 SEMD Modern semi-detached houses

THREE versions of this kit are now available :

SEMDH Half relief front - two half relief pairs of houses

SEMDR  Half relief rear - three half relief pairs of houses

SEMDF  Full version - one full pair of semi-detached houses

Modern semi detached houses card kit in 1/76 scale available in half relief or full versions 

 SEMD Modern semi detached houses half relief

 SEMDH (half relief front) Modern semi detached houses (two pairs)

Each pair of houses has a footprint of approx. 6.5"x 2.25"  not including driveways


Modern semi detached houses card kit

Typical of modern houses from the 1970s, this half relief kit provides two pairs of houses.

A selection of front and garage doors is provided, and one of the garage doors may be displayed open.

Alternative driveways are included, and with the addition of some grass matting material, an attractive scene can be produced.

Price: AA


Kingsway Models 1/76 scale card houses kit


 The kit contains parts to build the model above - just add grass mat and pathways.


 Half relief modern semi detached house backs



SEMDR (half relief rear)
Modern semi detached houses
(three pairs)

Each pair has a footpint approx, 6.5" x 1.4" not including gardens

 This is the rear half of the above fronts. The pack contains three pairs of houses.

Note that the fencing is not included but may be downloaded free from the
Free Download page.

 Price: AA




SEMDF (full)  Modern semi-detached houses (full version)

 Modern semi detached houses (full version)

 This is the full version of the modern semis kit. A single pair of houses is provided, with choice of front doors. One of the garages may be displayed 'open'.

The 'footprint' for a pair of these houses is approximately 6.5" x 4" .

Price: AA

Modern style semi detached houses kit SEMD 1/76 scale Modern semi detached houses card kit rear view








Visit the free download page using the top menu for the garden fencing, which may be downloaded free of charge. Grass mat may be bought from model shops. Use Kingsway PAV paving kit (found on this page)  for the pavements.


 SEME Semi-detached council houses full relief, two pairs

 SEME semi detached council house in 1/76 scaleSemi detached council houses rear view

These semi-detached council houses have a 'footprint' of approximately 6" x 3" per pair.

The models are full relief.(Rear view - right) They come with a selection of door colours and with garden walls. Door steps and front door canopies are provided.

 With the additon of some simple scenic details (grass mat, paths etc) a small housing estate can be quickly constructed.

SEME 2 (2 pairs of houses) - Price: A

SEME 4 (4 pairs of houses) - Price: C

 Four pairs of Council houses



TERBa (stucco) Large Georgian style terraced houses (half relief)


 Large terraced houses stucco card kit in 1/776 scale

These half relief terraced houses are based on some in West London. The kit comprises four houses and measures approximately 10.5" x 4.5" including the paving. The real houses would have basements below ground level which can be difficult on solid topped baseboards, however the model has printed 'glazed' tiles to suggest the cellar windows continue lower down. For those ready to cut an opening in the baseboard, the front wall of the house can continue down to below ground level.

The kit includes solid boundary walls as shown above, but these can be replaced by plastic railings available from Ratio The railings can be seen in the picture below right.

Note that similar houses (TERBb) are available with the upper storeys rendered in brick - see below. 

 Price: A

Large terraced houses card kit modelLarge terraced houses

 Terraced houses stucco finish

 Using a number of these houses will quickly add some character to a scene.



Large Georgian style terraced houses (brick) half relief

 Large terraced houses(brick)


The sizes and details of these  houses are exactly the same as the TERBa kit described above.

Price: A 

 TERBFa , TERBFb  Large Georgian style terraced houses - full depth version. Available with half brick or stucco front wall.

Georgian stle terraced houses in OO gauge 1/76 scale card building kit TERBF


Now available is a full relief version of the Georgian houses. This kit includes the rear wall and sufficient garden walling to delineate the backyards. The facade is in stucco  finish (kit code TERBFa) or half brick (kit code TERBFb). The sides and rear of both kits are in a weathered brick finish. Including the street pavement, the footprint of the model is approximately 10.5" wide by 9.25" deep.


TERBFb half brick  TERBFa stucco


                    Kit TERBFb half brick finish                              Kit TERBFa  stucco finish

Price: C Large Georgian houses in 1/76 scale OO gauge card building kit b Kingsway Models, rear view

The picture below shows two kits placed together with an alley running between the backyards.


Large Georgian style terraced houses in 1/76 scale OO gauge card building kit





 TERC Edwardian terraced houses 

Edwardian terraced houses 


 These four half relief terraced houses  measure approximately 10" wide by 3.5" deep. A selection of different colour doors are provided. With some careful detailing they can be used to produce an authentic street scene, as shown in the picture below.

Note that the intricate design of the bays and porches of these houses give you a fair bit of work to do! Nothing too tricky though, as long as you take your time and have a nice sharp blade in your knife. 

Price: A

Edwardian terraced houses diorama card model in 1/76 scale


 TERD Victorian terraced houses 1/76 scale half relief

 TERD Victorian terraced houses half relief

 This block of four terraced houses are typical of all parts of the UK, The half relief model has a footprint 10" wide by 3.5" deep. A selection of different colour doors are supplied to give some variety.

 Note that the intricate design of the bays with their roofs and porches give you a fair bit of work to do! Nothing too tricky though, as long as you take your time and have a nice sharp blade in your knife.

Price: A

 1/76 scale OO gauge Victorian terraced houses half relief

 The kit comprises a four house terrace. Kits may be joined to form longer terraces as below.


Victorian terraced houses in 1/76 scale OO gauge Kingsway Models


The terrace above is formed from one and a half kits and is in situ on  a layout. Characteristic tiled Victorian garden paths are provided in the kit. The gardens above are made up from various scenic items available from model shops.

 Small Georgian terreced houses Kingsway Models card kit 1/76 scale

TERG Small Georgian Terraced Houses

The kit contains TWO blocks of these Georgian houses in full relief, i.e. eight houses. The front walls are weathered plaster. The two blocks have slightly different weathering and if more than one kit are ordered together a further variation will be supplied to avoid duplication.

The houses are based on some that stood next to the mpd at Nine Elms, Battersea.

 Each block of four houses has a footprint of approximately 8" x 5.5".

Price: C

 TERG Small Georgian terraced houses rear view of block of four

TERG small Georgian terraced houses in 1/76 scale OO gauge Kingsway Models card kit


 The two blocks supplied in one kit are shown together providing eight dwellings in total.

  TERG small Georgian houses rear view Kingsway Models 1/76 scale OO gauge card kit







card building kits houses 1-76 scale OO gauge Kingsway Models

SEMD modern semi detached houses




Kingsway Models