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PSH 1/76 scale hospital


NEW The PSH Sun Hill police station now includes an option to build as a hospital

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Below - A completed fire station model is seen with the contents of a kit.


LCC Millwall fire station kit contents

 All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale OO gauge


Card kits for emergency 999 scenes in 1/76 scale suitable for use on OO gauge model railway layouts and in dioramas for model road vehicles.

The aim has been to provide distinctive buildings which reflect typical British townscapes of the mid to late twentieth century.

The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts need to be cut out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly. Thinner card is used for some parts. See HERE for what involved in assembling a kit.

Most of the buildings are half relief (they have no back)

All are to 1/76 scale and are based on real buildings.


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ACT Acton Fire StationActon Fire Station card model kit in 1/76 scale

 A seven bay nineteen-thirties style fire station that is still in operation in West London. The model is half relief, the doors can be modelled open or closed. It measures nearly 22" wide by 5" deep.

Price: C


 Acton fire station model kit 1/76 scale



ASM Ambulance Station 


OO Scale ambulance station frontage


This half relief model is inspired by the St Helier, Morden station of the London Ambulance Service.

The completed model measures approximately 13.5" by 7".

Price: A

 The building might also be suitable for other purposes - a van or lorry depot perhaps. The entrance doorway is 43mm high.


Note that the model may easily be extended by using the GGXaR kit  to make a full relief model
(see the garage extensions page for details).

The RED BRICK version matches the ambulance station kit


Ambulance station with added garage extension
Kingsway Models 1/76 scale ambulanc station with garage extension added



 DOC Dockhead Fire Station

 Dockhead fire station card kit 1/76 scale

An LCC fire station in Bermondsey, SE London, Dockhead is known for it's starring role in the TV series London's Burning, when it played the part of Blackwall Station.

The kit includes a sign for 'Blackwall' and offers the choice of modern red doors or the traditional wooden style, which can be shown open or closed.

 Blackwall fire station card kit model in 1/76 scale

 The completed model measures approximately 15" wide by 8" deep (to the edge of the included paving). The main part of the building is 4" deep and is half relief - has no back.

 Dockhead fire station card kit model 1/76 scale

 Price: C


FYF Finchley Fire Station


Finchley fire station scale model card kit

This art deco styled North London fire station has four engine bays. The half relief  model measures approximately 19" wide by 6" deep.

The doors may be shown either open or closed.

Price: C

Finchley fire station 1/76 scale card model kit

1/76 scale model of Finchley fire station


The model installed on a baseboard with  some simple detailing.

 Model fire station diorama 1/76 scale


GBF Gainsborough fire station

Gainsborough fire station

This model is based on the station at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, with some of the ancillary buildings omitted. The model covers an area of approximately 15" x 8". This is a complete 'all round' model. The doors to the appliance bay may be posed open or closed.

Price: C


Gainsborough fire station OO gauge model


Gainsborough fire station rear view Gainsborough fire station









Gainsborough fire station diorama


The Gainsborough model incorporated into a simple diorama using some Kingsway PAV paving and other items. The station roof has been lightly weathered  with chalk.




HC Holby Casualty entrance scene    

This casualty entrance scene is based on the original set on a Bristol trading estate that was used for the well known TV drama. The model measures approximately 18" wide, and includes a printed base mat ready to be fixed to your baseboard, which represents the concrete forecourt with road markings.

The entrance door to the emergency department may be posed open to reveal the corridor  with interior detail.

Price: A


Just add some modern ambulances and other emergency vehicles along with some figures! 




LCC fire station kit 1/76 scale LCCF London County Council fire station

This half relief fire station kit is inspired by Millwall station on the Isle of Dogs, although the original had just two bays rather than four. It still stands and is used as a restaurant.

The building occupies a footprint approximately 12" x 4.5". Doors may be shown open or closed.

The kit is built using the usual Kingsway Models techniques, but it takes some time, with all of those windows and chimneys! Maybe not for the beginner.

Price: C

 London County Council fire station card kit OO gauge 1/76 scale



LCC fire station 1/76 scale OO gauge card kit


LCC fire station

A completed model installed on a model tramway layout with some further scenic additions.

Interior walls for the ground floor have been installed using downloads available from the Free Download page.




 LEY Leytonstone Fire Station 

 Leytonstone fire station card kit 1/76 scale

 Leytonstone fire station model card kit


A half relief model of a typical early twentieth century style of station common in many towns. The model measures approximately 11" wide and 5" deep.Price: B



 LPO - Large Public Offices  - Hospital or Police HQ building

 Hospital / Police HQ offic building LPO

 This large office building comes with a selection of signs to represent a hospital or Police Headquarters. Matching low brick walls and alternative styles of doors for the building are included. It might also be used to represent a town hall , school, college or factory.

 LPO Hospital model

 The footprint of the building is approximately 18" x 4".

 Price: B

 1/76 scale model Police Headquarters station building OO gauge

 1/76 scale hospital building card kit OO gauge

 Completed model shown with other scenic items.





 MOB Modern Office Building - with Police Station signs

 MOB Modern Office Building  Police Station


Modern Office Building  Police Station

The footprint of this full relief  building is 10.5" x 5.5"

This Modern Office Building comes with signs for nine Police Forces.

Two lengths of paving are included in the kit.


Price: BMOB Modern Office Building rear view Rear view of building 


 NFS Norfolk Fire Service - rural fire stationNorfolk fire service rural fire station card kit

Norfolk Fire Service had a number of stations built to this design. Housing a single engine, the station also has ancillary accommodation. It is an 'all round' model - not half relief. Norfolk fire service rural fire station - rear view

There is a front and a rear door to the appliance bay. Two different styles of door are included  in the kit. The completed building measures 6.5" wide by 10.5" deep. The real buildings were positioned in a large tarmac yard , making for a straightforward modelling project.

 Price: AA Norfolk fire station card kit by Kingsway Models


PBG Bethnal Green (old) police stationBethnal Green police station model


Police station entrance detail


A half relief model of the frontage of the now closed Metropolitan police station in Bethnal Green Road, London.

The model measures 6" wide and 2.5" deep. The kit includes noticeboards, blue lamp, a length of paving, and an alternative sign for a library. 

Price: A





Bethnal Green old police station 1/76 scale model 


Sun Hill police station card kit

 PSH  Sun Hill

police station / modern hospitalSun Hill police station detail

A half relief model representing the frontage of the building used in the long running TV series.

The model measures approximately 24"  wide x 7" deep.  Beware - lots of windows to cut out!


Price: B

PSH Hospital kit in 1/76 scale  

The kit now has a weathered concrete roof.

An option to build the kit as a hospital is also included, with relevant signs.The window details have also been improved.PSH 1/76 scale Hospital card kit OO gauge

 Hospital detail includes signs and posters

 A variety of suitable signs and posters are included to build the kit as a modern hospital.

With some imagination this model could be adapted to represent a variety of modern buildings.


 Also available in 1/43 scale


 ROM Romford Fire Station


Romford fire station card model 1/76 scale


Romford fire station has provided fire cover for at least 50 years. This half-relief model is approximately 14" wide and 6" deep. The station tower is included (12" high). It was located to the rear and one side of the station. Doors can be modelled open or closed.


 Price: B



 SHS Rural fire station

 Rural fire station model kit in 1/76 scale


This small fire station is an adaptation of the Southdown Handcross bus garage kit. Details on the Provincial bus garage page. Alternative red doors are supplied in the kit , as is a plain brick front wall which replaces the original 'Southdown' lettering. The model measures 6" deep by 4" wide. The model is not half relief having a detailed rear elevation.

Price: A 




 High Street emergency 1/76 scale OO gauge model diorama

 Remember there are lots of High Street type buildings available which are eminently suitable for posing model emergency vehicles - take a look at the High St page.

UCT art deco shop shown above.





Finchley fire station card model 1-76 scale OO gauge


 Finchley fire station forecourt close up


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