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High Street shop models in 1/76 scale OOgauge





1/76 scale model shop buildings suitable for use on OO gauge model railway layouts and dioramas for model road vehicles.

Most of the kits are half relief (they have no back).

The aim has been to provide distinctive buildings which reflect typical British townscapes of the mid to late twentieth century.

The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts need to be cut out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly. Thinner card is used for some parts. See HERE for what involved in assembling a kit.

Included in the shops range are Retail Park Units (RPU) and modern High Street shops (HSS) which can give a contemporary feel to your scene, but check the Other Buildings page for restaurants, pubs and more besides. 

All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale.

  NEW DGS Dutch Gabled Shops parade - details down the page 



 SSSM suburban shops with modern shopfronts

NEW  the SSS Small Suburban shops kit is now available with a selection of eight modern style shopfronts as kit SSSM. See details of both down the page.



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Prices include postage to UK ONLY -  International customers please contact me before ordering.

BTG Burtons Tailors 

Burtons Tailors shop card kit in 1/76 scale 


A distinctive art deco shop in the iconic Burtons style. This half relief model is designed for a corner site, measuring approximately 7.5" by 7.5". The building itself is about 3" deep, thus fitting neatly alongside other buildings in the range. In the picture above it is positioned next to the Odeon cinema (CWLO) and Woolworths (WWMD), and card paving has been added. This particular building is based on the one in Greenwich, but is typical of many.

Price: B

CDS Classic Department Store



Classic Department Store card kit OOgauge model half relief  Kingsway Models 1/76 scale


This building is based on an art deco department store in Essex. A selection of different shop signs are included.

The model is half relief with a footprint approximately 6.5" x 2.5". The optional canopy is 1" wide. A section of paving is included which can be matched by using the Kingsway PAV kit.

Price: A


Kingsay Models Classic Department Store card kit 1/76 scale OO gauge half reliefClassic Department store card kit 1/76 scale  



Classic Department Store card kit OO gauge1/76 scale


Three alternative  shop names are provided, and two sets of window displays.

The display windows are clear plastic and can accommodate figures or 3D items (not included). 










DGS Dutch Gabled Shops parade 


This shop parade is based on buildings in Bellingham, Catford, South London. A selection of nine shopfronts are included in the kit, so a parade of nine shops could be constructed (from three kits) with no repetition. 

Each kit builds a set of three shops approximately 10" wide 

Price: B 


 Two shops can be allocated as a car showroom (above)

 The full set of shopfronts installed in three kits.

 The resulting parade is approximately thirty inches wide.





DIY store in 1/76 scale OO gauge card kit


 DIY Superstore 

 This half relief DIY superstore and the included paving occupies a 'footprint' of 24" x 4". It comes with a choice of brandings. Construction is straightforward with options as to positioning the entrance, and how the wall cladding is fitted.

 Half relief DIY superstore in OO gauge 1/76 scale card kit

On a model railway layout, this building might be suitable for disguising a control panel.

Used alongside the RPU Retail Park, further down this page, and FFR Fast Food Restaurant found on the Other Items page, a sizable modern shopping centre can be created.

Price: B


HRS High Road Shops  

HRSa High Rd shops card kit in 1/76 scaleHigh Rd shops card kit model in 1/76 scale









HRSa HIgh Rd Shops (all brick)    HRSb (part plaster) High Rd Shops

These two half relief kits are identical apart from the finish on the front wall. Each kit has three shop units and contains nine different shop fronts - the Fish & Chips, Prospect Bakery and empty shop are common to both. A selection of posters and signs are included. 

The size of each block of three shops is approx. 7.75" x 2.5".  

                    Price per kit: B


The side walls may be built with windows, or as plain walls to facilitate being joined to another kit. 

High Road shops card kit 1/76 scale 

A selection of shop fronts means that a large parade can be built without repetition. 

High Road shops card kit

 A versatile kit that can quickly create a model HIgh Road for your layout.


High Road shops arson attack David Ashdown



David Ashdown tried to burn this one down!










 HRM High Road shops with modern shopfronts

These kits are similar to the HRS kits above, but with a selection of nine modern day shopfronts.


High Rd shops with modern shop fronts

The HRMa kit (above) is the all brick version. HRMb (below) has the centre rendered shop unit. The choice of nine shop units  is the same in each kit.

HRMb High Rd shops with modern shopfronts

HRMb High Rd shops kit with rendered centre shop 

Included in the selection is a closed shop unit.

HRM HIgh Rd modern shops kit showing end billboards 

The end walls may be plain or with windows.

A choice of advertising billboards are included.


Each block of three shops is approx 7.75" x 2.5", 

Price: B












 HSS High Street shops (modern)

 Low relief modern High St shops card kit

This half relief kit comprises a block of five shop units typical of the sort that can be seen in almost any town in the UK. It has been designed for use at the rear of a scene - the shops have been slightly 'squeezed' in order to fit in as much as possible. Consequently the shops units are a little small for OO scale.

The kit is approximately 1.75" deep, but may be easily cut down if required. The supplied paving is about 1.5" deep, and matches that which is available in the PAV kit. The block of five units is about 10" wide. Ten different shopfronts are supplied, and so two kits may be used without duplication as shown below.Modern High St shops low relief card kit

 Modern High St shops kit low reliefHigh Street shops roof detail

This kit has been designed to be as simple to build as possible. The windows above the shops do not require cutting out.


It is therefore a good kit to try if you are new to card modelling. See also here for what sort of skills are required.

 Price: AA


Detail view of roof.








 LCS Local ConvenienceStore

Local convenience store card kit 

Local Convenience store card kit


A half relief representation of a typical modern local convenience store. The store comes with alternative signs, and includes a forecourt with parking bays. There are two litter bins and an atm machine. The model including forecourt measures approximately 10" x 7".
Price: A


Local convenience store card kit 


LDS Large Department Store

Large Department store card kit in 1/76 scale 

A half relief department store building with a selection of different name signs.

The shop frontage is approximately 10". The pictures show some of the various signs included in the kit.

  Price: A

 Also available in N gauge



OSS One Stop Shop local store


One Stop Shop card model 1/76 scale

This is a full relief model (it hOSS rear viewas a back) and comes complete with a small parking area and paving.

The overall 'footprint' of the finished model is approximately 9" wide x 9.5" deep.


Price:  AA



OSS One Stop Shop model shop with parking area


The kit now includes optional signage for the Co-op



RPU Retail Park Unit


Card model retail park

Typical of modern out of town shopping developments, this kit builds a modern style building approximately 6" x 10".

Retail park unit in 1/76 scale card kit 

 A selection of shop signs is included, as are some optional loading bay and personnel doors which may be added if wished.

   Retail Park Units card kits in OO gauge 

If desired the model may be constructed to make two half relief buildings.

The picture above shows the use of two kits; I've built one fully (right) and another one as two half relief buildings. The shop units have been rather squeezed in here - you can fit one or two to each building.

Car park machine  

A car park ticket machine is included, and the addition of other detailing - car park surface, flower beds etc. will produce a realistic scene.


 Price: C  

  This model can be built as one full building or two in half relief.




 Retail Park Units card kit

 Retail Park Unit 1/76 scale card kit Kingsway Models

Two RPU kits are used here. The two units on the right (with four shops) are half relief, built from a single kit. The unit at the far end is a second kit built full depth with rear loading doors.

Car park surface is included along with ticket machines.





RSP Romford Station Parade

Station Parade shops card kit in 1/76 scale


A typical parade of shops as found in almost any town. The half relief kit comes with a choice of nine different shop fronts.
Use with the PAV paving kit. Kit measures approximately 9" by 3".

This kit can be extended using the RSPX kit, adding a further four shop units to the building, and a further nine shop fronts to choose from.

Price: B

Station Parade shops card kit 


RSPX Station Parade Extension kit

Station Parade shops extension kit


This half relief kit is to be used with the RSP kit, and provides a further two shop units at either end. Also included are a further nine different shop fronts to the ones included in the RSP kit.

It is possible to add two RSPX kits and have a parade of eleven shops without any duplication.

Note that as the extension kits are designed to be added to the RSP kit, rather than used independently. No further instructions are supplied, as construction follows the same pattern.

Price: A

RSPX extension kit 



 SHC Second Hand Car Showroom

 Second hand car showroom card kit Kingsway Motors

 This half relief car showSecond hand car showroom - Reliance Garage 1/76 scale card building kit OO gaugeroom measures approximately 10.5" by 2.75". The paving and parking area is included making the overall 'footprint' 10.5" x 5.5".

 It comes with a choice of four different signs, and includes price labels for use on the car windscreens.

Price: B

This kit is now also available in 1/43 (O gauge). See this page for details.

 Second hand car showroom card model - interior detail

 Second hand car showroom Arthur Daley


 Second hand car showroom Deals on Wheels 1/76 scale card building kit







Used car showroom installed on a model tramway layout

The showroom installed on a model tramway layout. It has been modified with a petrol pump and sign from the PP Petrol Pumps kit. See the Other Items page. for this.

The London Transport, Streatham AK bus garage is seen in the background and the 1950s ADV adverts can be seen on the right.



 SSM Sixties / Seventies Supermarket (half relief)


 This half relief supermarket is typical of those that appeared during the 1960s. The model measures approximately 10" by 3" excluding the paving which is included.

Two alternative sets of 1960s period shop windows and signs are included as well as a modern alternative. 


Price: A









 NEW - this kit now includes a further 'modern day' set of shop windows as shown below.


Modern style SSM shop windows

 SSM modern shop option


 Small suburban shops parade

 SSS Small Suburban Shops Parade  (Traditional style shops)

These shops are typical of those found in suburbs all over the country. The model has three shop units, although eight different shopfronts are included in the kit so it is possible to use two kits together with no repetition.

The model has a footprint approximately 9" x 3", and is a full model with a detailed rear wall.

Just two storeys high this parade would fit in well alongside some SEMA or SEMB semi-detached houses kits. It would also be a suitable parade of shops for use by a suburban railway station.


Price: A

OO gauge 1/76 scale small suburban shops parade from Kingsway Models


Suburban shops parade building kit in 1/76 scale OO gauge Suburban parade of shops rear view

SSS small suburban shops parade                           Rear view  common to SSS & SSSM kits




 SSSM Small Suburban Shops parade with MODERN shop fronts

The kit is now available with a selection of eight modern style shopfronts. 


 The SSS kit has traditional style shops;the SSSM kit has the modern ones.

Price: A 

  Small suburban shops with modern shop fronts

 Modern style shops for small suburban  shop parade

Apart from the shop fronts the kit is exactly the same as the SSS kit. 

UCT Upminster Corbets Tey Rd shop parade.
Upminster Corbets tey Rd art deco shops card kit 1/76 scale

A parade of half relief shops dating from the nineteen-thirties in typical art deco style with curved windows and balconies. Shop fronts are representative of the 1960s period.
Model shown with added paving (not supplied in kit).

Completed model is approximately 18.5" wide by 3.5" deep.

Price: B

art deco shops art deco shops card kit


WWMD Woolworths Market Drayton

 Woolworths store Market Drayton card kit in 1/76 scale Kingsway Models


Prewar Woolworths card kit model 1/76 scale

A small high street store. The model is half relief and measures approximately 6" wide by 3" deep, plus paving.

It now comes with the option of early style wooden doors and windows, and the classic 'Nothing in these stores over 6D' sign.

A later (1980s?) fascia is also included. 

 Price: AA





Woolworths store card kit  



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HIgh Street shops card kits 1-76 scale OO gauge Kingsway Models

 Town centre scene with shops from the Kingsway Models range


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