GGX / GGZ - Generic Bus Garage Extension kits 



 A sharp knife and steel ruler are essential for construction

These kits enable you to extend a bus garage or other building as much as you wish. Use these kits behind one of the bus garages from the standard range to enlarge the covered area.

Each GGX  GGZ kit covers an area of approximately 10" square. The kits include interior and exterior detail, including simple roof trusses. Entrances can be added as required, as can simple rooflight windows. 

NOTE the kits are now available in either yellow or red brick and with either a single gable (GGZ) or triple gable (GGX) roof. The roofs are removable and may be placed with the roof trusses running across or lengthwise.

These can be used to extend 1/76 scale bus garage kits from  the Kingsway Models range. 

The external walls are rendered in a brick finish - unfortunately it is not possible to offer matching finishes to all of the models that have been produced over the last eight years but yellow and red are now available! It is not unusual however, for bus garages to be made up of parts of differing construction.


 GGX bus garage extension kit from Kingsway Models

 Interior view showing wall and roof truss detail of a GGX roof.

Ths GGX and GGZ kits can be used to create a generic bus garage extension that can be adapted to your particular needs. Each kit will create an area of approximately 10" x 10", though you can reduce this if you wish, or you can add further kits.

The roof units can be left removable, but it is strongly suggested that the walls are permanently fixed to a base (MDF ?) to give strength to the structure.


In addition to the GGX and GGZ kits see also the new HDX extension kit at the bottom of this page. This has been designed especially to extend the popular London Transport Harrow Weald garage kit but may be useful for other purposes. 

 Download a Garage Extension catalogue sheet from here.



 All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale OO gauge

Prices include postage to UK ONLY -  International customers please contact me before ordering.




 GGX triple gable roof garage extension yellow brick

 also available in red brick as GGX R           Price: B


 GGZ R single gable roof garage extension

also available in yellow brick as GGZ.           Price: B


Each of the kits (above) builds a three walled 10" square area with a triple gabled roof (GGX) or single gabled roof (GGZ) . Entrances may be added in the walls. The roof may be turned through 90 degrees, and can be removable. Note that the rooflight glazing panels are NOT included in the kit but can be easily made using some plastic glazing material (from an EFE box perhaps) and some adhesive paper strip. See below for details.

Inside the garage the walls are printed with white brick with a black brick base.

Remember that the walls should be fixed to the baseboard, but the roof sections can be removable. 




 MOD modern style bus depot front wall PLUS GGX unit
GGX garage extension with modern front Kingsway Models

This kit comprises one GGX (yellow brick)  OR GGX R (red brick) along with a modern style bus depot front wall.

The front wall has four openings which may be shown as open or closed. The square roof can be positioned with the roof trusses running in either direction (as shown in the pictures). 

Modern style safety signs are included.

Of course, one or more GGX units could be used to extend the building by areas of 10" square.

 MOD modern style bus depot front wall plus GGX unit

The completed model is approximately 10" square.

Price: C

 Kit codes: MOD for yellow brick, MOD R for red brick





Coming soon - a new front for the garage extension kit

 BA traditional style bus depot front wall PLUS GGZ R unit

This kit comprises one GGZ R (red brick) along with a traditional style bus depot front wall. The brick patterns match exactly. The front wall is loosely modelled on the former United depot in Bishop Auckland.

The front wall has two openings each of which has two sets of multi doors, which may be shown as open or closed.

Of course, one or more GGZ units could be used to extend the building by areas of 10" square, for example an extra GGZ unit could be added to the above kit to produce a building of total size 20" x 10".


 Price: CBA GGZ traditional garage front plus GGZ garage unit



 Summary of the GGX / GGZ bus garage extension units

GGX units have triple gable roofs, GGZ have single gable roofs.

Units available in yellow or red brick.

Use them to extend Kingsway Models bus garages or to create your own garage /depot complexes.

Kingsway Models GGX GGZ bus garage extension units

 MOD includes a red or yellow brick GGX unit.

BA includes a red brick GGZ unit.

 All units can be used in the same complex as you require.


Further ways of using the GGX / GGZ kits

GGX model bus garage extension card kit in 1/76 scale

An atmospheric photo taken inside an extension built from a GGX a kit. The rooflight allows light to enter and cast shadows from the roof trusses. The model was posed on a kitchen worktop illuminated by the flourescent tube on the ceiling - very easy.

Bus garage rooflight

A close up of the rooflight. This is made using a piece of glazing (from an EFE box) which has a few self adhesive strips of white paper added to make the frame.

The rooflight is glued to an opening in the roof that is cut slightly smaller


 Model bus garage interior extension kit in 1/76 scale

 GGX abus garage extension kit minus roofCard model bus garage extension kits in 1/76 scale

Close up of a single GGX/GGZ  unit (left) which has been built with an optional access at the rear, which has pillars either side.

To the right is the result of joining two kits together. It is not too difficult to do this without an intermediate wall. This gives an area of 20" x 10" bounded on three sides by walls (which may have access entrances). The roof is removable in two sections. The roof could have been positioned with the valleys running across the larger span.

Note the supporting centre pillar that is required. I have modified an entrance pillar, but a 'steel'pillar might be modelled. A large model might usefully include a framework from stripwood or metal to give the necessary strength to the structure.

bus garage roof underside detail


 Above - detail of the GGX roof underside showing roof trusses.

The 'triple roof' unit is removable, and being square, can be rotated through 90 degrees so that the gables run the other way. 

 Model bus garage extension kit from Kingsway Models


 Bus garage extension kit added behind Kingsway SMW Musselburgh depot kit

 A single GGX kit added behind the Kingsway Models SMW Mussleburgh depot model. this in fact left a small gap of about 3/4" which would require a small piece of wall to be added. Alternatively a further kit would allow the extension to continue behind the offices. A single gable GGZ roof could be used instead if desired.

Note that the roof trusses can be arranged to run either way. 


Extended ambulance station model



Here is the ASM ambulance station which has had a red brick GGXaR kit added.




The Kingsway PITS inspection pit kit has matching interior walls to the GGX / GGZ kits. Remember that you will need to allow a hole in the baseboard for the pits!!

The pit area might have a flat roof or be included under the truss roofs. 


See LT other buildings for details of the PITS kit.

Extended RG garage using GGX kits

These two photos show three GGX units used to extend the Reigate country bus garage kit. (A custom made front wall has also been used). 

The roof sections are easily removable to give access to the interior.

 Interior of extended RG model with roofs removed showing interior

 Below is a bus garage project based on the GGX kits, with extra details added.

Bus garage diorama built from Kingsway Models GGX extension kits

 The diorama is made from two GGX units. The front elevation has been built from parts of a Southdown Hilsea (SPH) kit. The model is fitted to a baseboard which has a slope alongside to a rear yard area. The height difference allows for a pit area to be used inside the building.

Bus garage diorama using Kingsway Models GGX kits


 A view of the side showing the ramp to the rear yard.


GGX project with roof removed to show pits area

The GGX kits can easily be arranged to have removable roof sections. This shows the pit area at the rear of the garage.


Kingsway Models illuminated PITS kit used within GGX garage extension
 With care, and the use of some LED Christmas Decorations the Kingsway PITS kit has been illuminated. The batteries are contained within the office building and wiring is under the road surface.

 The GGX extension kits are straightforward to work with and very adaptable. They can be the basis for your own 'one off' project.

If you are interested in a custom ready-built model then see here



Look at this GGX garage built by Peter Downes....

This impressive model has been built by Peter Downes using four GGX units. It covers an area approximately 20" square.

GGX bus garage built by Peter Downes

 Peter has fitted roof windows using plastic sheet. With the roof trusses these help to create atmospheric shadows inside the garage.


GGX roof underside showing construction by Peter Downes


 Peter has fitted extra roof trusses inside the roof - quite a large undertaking , but very effective.


GGX bus garage built by Peter Downes

 A view of the complete garage.

[Above three photos courtesy of Peter Downes.]




 An alternative garage extension.....

Harrow Weald extension kit HDX


The simple design of the HD Harrow Weald garage has made it possible to offer a two bay extension to the kit. This kit provides an extra 8" depth in the same style as the original kit.

Note that the interior walls of this (like the original kit) are plain card - interior wall paper if required, can be downloaded from the free download page.

The extension can be joined to the existing model using brick pillars (supplied) to cover the join. It would be possible to join a further unit or units in order to make a very large model.

Price: B  




I can supply ready built models for you.

Please Contact Me with your wishes.



GGX garage extension building OO gauge 1/76 scale


GGX bus garage extension with added rooflight detail