LT Country Bus Garages 1/76 scale card model kits



in 1/76 scale 

In 1933 London Transport inherited a vast range of country bus garages of many types. A lot were very small or in disrepair. Consequently a garage building programme was instituted. Although there are some similar features the country garages are still very individual.

The Kingsway Models range of card London country area bus garage kits provides an authentic setting for 1/76 scale diecast model buses.

They are suitable for use with model buses made by EFE , OOC and other manufacturers, and compatible with OO gauge model railways.

  The kits are on stout card approximately 1.25mm thick. The parts require to be cut out with a knife and steel rule. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended for assembly. See HERE for what is involved in assembling a kit.

 All kits on this page are to 1/76 scale OO gauge

 A sharp knife and steel ruler are essential for construction


Kingsway Models Windsor bus station card kit 1/76 scale RC Green Line coach


 Windsor bus station with AEC Reliance RC Green Line coach

Chelsham LT bus garage 1/76 scale OO gauge card nodel kit diorama Kingsway Models

CM Chelsham country bus garage


Reigate bus garage 1/76 scale model

 RG Reigate country bus garage


 Details of these and more down the page.

 Most the models are low relief - see a range of Garage Extension buildings HERE




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LT Country Garages currently available

CM  Chelsham (also GD Godstone)
CY   Crawley
DG  Dunton Green
DS   Dorking
DT   Dartford
EG   East Grinstead
GD   Godstone (see CM)
GY   Grays
HE   High Wycombe
HG   Hertford


HN   Hitchin
MA   Amersham
RG   Reigate
SA    St Albans
SJ    Swanley
ST    Staines
WR   Windsor
WY    Addlestone



 Garages listed below by garage code

Click HERE to be able to download an illustrated list of LT COUNTRY GARAGE kits

  Chelsham bus garage

CM Chelsham Garage (above) / GD Godstone Garage (below)

Chelsham and Godstone garages were opened in 1925, and built to a similar style. They were owned by the LGOC but operated by the East Surrey Traction Co. Ltd. Chelsham was the first LT garage to operate the GS type in 1953. Godstone was famous for operating a batch of lowbridge STLs known as 'Godstone STLs', and in London Country times had the use of the small class of AF Daimler Fleetlines. e.

Either of these garages can be built - the difference being in the extension building on the side. Alternative labels are provided to represent the LCBS period.
Both of the garages closed in 1990.
The model is approximately 18" wide.

Price: B

Godstone LT bus garage

 Godstone version above with corrugated iron extension building.

 The garage doors are posable (see below)Chelsham LT garage

 Chelsham garage model with posable doors

  The model is approx 6.75" deep


Chelsham bus garage diorama

Chelsham model built into a diorama with a few added details.

Chelsham model bus garage diorama in 1/76 scale

 Godstone garage with RCL double deck coach on route 709






 Godstone garage was the last to run regularly scheduled double-deck Green Line Routemaster coaches on route 709.

Crawley garage diorama 
Crawley LT bus Garage card kit by Kingsway ModelsConcrete style bus shelter kit by Kingsway Models

CY Crawley GarageCrawley Bus Garage card kit by Kingsway Models

Crawley garage was originaiiy owned by the East Surrey Traction Co. having been built in 1929. It passed to the LPTB in 1933. The garage was one of the smallest with vehicles being parked in an adjacent yard.
It closed in 1982 being replaced by a new garage.
The model measures approximately 11" x 6".  Extra labels are included to portray the garage in LCBS ownership. Also included is a period concrete bus shelter.

Price: B

Crawley Bus Garage (LCBS version)




Dunton Green Garage Kingsway Kit

DG Dunton Green Garage

Originally operated by the East Surrey Traction Co. Ltd. but owned by the LGOC, Dunton Green was opened in 1922. It passed to London Transport in 1933 and then to LCBS in 1970. The garage finally closed in 1998.
The model is approximately 22" wide.
Price: B


Dunton Green bus garage diorama

The Dunton Green kit built into a simple diorama - see more pictures on the Inspirations site.


Dorking Garage Kingsway Kit


DS Dorking Garage

Dorking Garage was the prototype of a number of country garages. Later designs were simplified from this, which incorporated graceful curves into the frontage. The forecourt was used as a bus station by many routes including the central bus 93 route which ran to Dorking on summer Sundays during the fifties. Dorking Garage closed in 1990. The model is approximately 20" wide by 13" deep.

Note that the model now comes as standard with LONDON TRANSPORT signage on the wall  above the four red doors. If you require the plain version as shown above please contact me at time of ordering.


Price: B 


Dorking bus garage diorams from Kingsway Models

Dorking garage aerial view




Dartford garage Kingsway Kit


DT Dartford Garage

Originally a Maidstone and District Garage, Dartford was taken over by the LPTB in 1933. In the sixties the unique Thames Trader cycle carrying buses were operated from here through the Dartford Tunnel. The garage was transferred to LCBS in 1970 and closed in 1986. The model is approximately 19" wide. The doors can be repositioned as desired.

Price: B

Dartford LT Garage Kingsway kit.


Dartfof bus garage diorama

 The photos above shows a Dartford garage model built into a diorama.


East Grinstead bus garage Kingsway Models card kit

EG East Grinstead

East Grinstead was another ex East Surrey Traction Co. garage, having opened in 1925.
It was known for operating the experimental XF class of Daimler Fleetlines, which trialled one man operation, during which the top deck was closed off. The garage closed at the end of 1981.
The model measures 16" wide by 6.5" deep. Just like the prototype the right hand entrance is for single-deck vehicles only. A sign on the door reads 'Covered top buses must not enter here'.
The doors can be posed open or closed.

Price: B

GY Grays LT Garage Kingsway Models card kit

GY Grays

Grays Garage in Hogg Lane opened in 1935 to replace other premises. During the war it was involved in trials and operation of producer gas powered buses. In the early fities, it acquired many Eastern National routess and was subsequently enlarged in 1959. The kit portrays the north end of the garage with the offices on the other side of the running out road.  The garage frontage is approximately 18" deep.

Price: B

Grays Garage card kit



Grays bus garage diorama

Grays bus garage diorama model. Built onto a simple baseboard with some paving from the Kingsway PAV kit.



High Wycombe Kingsway Models Kit

HE High Wycombe

Originally built for the Amersham & District Company in 1929, the garage was acquired by London Transport and in due course passed to LCBS. It closed in 1977. The model is approximately 14.5" wide and 4" deep.

Price: B

High Wycombe bus garage card model 1/76 scale 



Hertford Garage Kingsway Kit 

HG Hertford Garage 

Hertford Garage was opened in 1935 to replace two garages at Ware. During the fifties it wass the only country garage to operate the 'prewar' RT which was necessary to comply with a weight restriction on a local bridge crossed by route 327. In the sixties it was one of the first garages to operate the RMC coaches. It closed in 1989. The model is approximately 28" wide (allowing for yard between the two buildings). The doors can be posed open or closed as desired.

 Price: B



    Hitchin Garage Kingsway kit

HN Hitchin Garage

Used by LPTB since 1933 the garage at Hitchin was originally only able to accomodate single deck vehicles (above). It was rebuilt in 1954 in order to allow double deckers to enter (below), but was closed in 1959.The model measures approximately 8" wide and can be built to represent either version.

 Price: B Hitchin Kingsway Kit





Amersham LT country bus garage 1/76 scale low relief card model 


MA Amersham Garage

A new Amersham Garage was opened in 1935 alongside the original one whose premises remained in use by LT for several years. The garage was of typical country design with a single storey office block on the other side of the yard. Amersham operated the lowbridge STs and was the first to be allocated RLHs. The building was closed in 1989 and is now demolished.

The model comes with two styles of bus shelter. Allowing for the width of the yard the model requires about 27" of shelf space.

Price: B

Amersham bus garage card model kit low relief Kingsway ModelsThe MA Amersham kit is low relief but the model above has been fitted with a freely downloadable interior back-scene available from the download page.

 Amersham bus garage model in 1/76 scale

Charles Holden designed bus shelter included in MA Amersham garage kit

Charles Holden designed bus shelter which is included in the MA Amersham garage kit.


 Reigate country bus garage kit

 RG Reigate Garage

Reigate was the headquarters of London Transport's country bus department.
This 'L shaped' model measures approximately 21" x 10" essentially focussing upon the forecourt. The garage building has little depth.

Price: B     (Note that railings and paving are not included in the kit)

The picture belows shows how the Reigate kit can be extended using components from the GGX Generic Garage Extension kits. 
The resulting model by no means 100% authentic, but gives a representation within a manageable space. The GGX kits can be used with many of the bus garages in the Kingsway range.

 Reigate garage extended using GGX garage extension kits

The model shown above has an extension to the front wall (seen behind the bus on the right) contact me if you are interested in something similar.


Reigate country bus garage


A glimpse inside (below) showing the interior of the GGX extension sections.

 Interior of the extended RG garage showing the interior of the GGX sections



St Albans bus garage Kingsway Models card kit


SA St Albans Garage

St Albans Garage was set back from St Peters Street behind a bus station equipped with an art-deco style bus shelter and poster panels similar to what one would expect to find at an Underground Station. St Albans operated the experimental underfloor engined Regal IV in 1949. In LCBS days most of the SMW swifts were allocated to St Albans.The model is approximately 20" X 13" and the builder will need to provide a piece of hardboard of at least this size to use as a sloping base, which will need to be painted to represent the road surface and grassed areas. Signage is included for both LT and LCBS versions.

Price: B 

  Overhead view of St Albans bus garage model

Overhead view of the model. The kit provides parts for the building, shelter and island. The builder needs to provide a baseboard (hardboard or MDF). Angled supports are provided to give the correct angle.

This model has been given some additional paving to provide for roadways in front and to the left of the modelled scene. A tree and other foliage has been added as well. 


 Close up of the bus shelter designed by Charles Holden

Above is a close up of the bus shelter designed by Charles Holden to suit the sloping site, and the reason that you will have to build the model on a similarly sloping baseboard!


Swanley garage Kingsway Kit 


SJ Swanley Garage

Swanley was another of the garages owned by the LGOC but operated by the East Surrey Traction Co. Ltd. It passed to LPTB in 1933 and then to LCBS in 1970. The model is approximately 18" wide including space for a yard, and includes doors that can be posed open or closed as desired.

Price: B

Swanley garage diorama

These pictures show a Swanley model that has been affixed to a baseboard and had a few extra scenic items added. The kit itself has been built to standard specification.


Swanley Garage diorama




Staines Garage Kingsway Kit

ST Staines Garage

Staines was a prime example of the classic London Transport country garage. The layout with the running in road to one side of the shed enables a comprehensive model to be built. The model is approximately 27" wide by 10" deep and should ideally be mounted on a baseboard.

Opened in 1936, during the fifties the garage played host to RM 1 and RM 2 whilst they were undergoing testing. The garage closed in 1996 and is now demolished.

Price: C

Staines bus garage by Kingsway Models


Staines bus garage model by Kingsway Models







Windsor bus station card kit 1/76 scale



WR Windsor Bus Station 

Windsor garage was opened in 1933. It was substantially enlarged by the LPTB. In front of the garage was a bus station used by bus and coach routes. It operated the first 10T10 coaches in 1938. The garage closed in 1984. The model comprises the bus station frontage and is approximately 20" wide.




London Transport WR Windsor bus station card kit 1/76 scale model




 WY Addlestone country bus garage card kit in 1/76 scale


WY Addlestone Garage

Addlestone Garage opened in 1936. It had two round ended office blocks facing each other across the access road. One of these is included in the kit. The garage code was derived from nearby Weybridge. More obvious codes would have conflicted with central area garages. The garage closed in 1996.

This is a compact half relief model approximately 20" wide.

Price: B

 Addlestone bus garage card model kit London Transport





GGX / GGZ garage extension units


 Useful for extending bus garage models or designing your own complex.

Kingsway Models GGX GGZ garage extension units

Bus garage extension kits

Now available - bus garage extension kits that can be used to extend Kingsway frontage kits. Available in 10" square units. Click HERE for details.








Chelsham country bus garage


 Chelsham LT country bus garage


Kingsway Models