2018 Kingsway Models download


This year's download is a model of a small building that has been a part of London's bus history for the best part of a hundred years.

 It is a small brick pavilion that stands at Muswell Hill in North London. It appears to have begun as a public toilet facility and shelter. It stands on a busy roundabout junction where five main roads converge. Built into the roundabout is sufficient parking for a number of buses. I have come across pictures of the building taken in the nineteen twenties surrounded by the buses of the day;at that time LT type single deck 'Scooters'.

Today the facilities are restricted to the use of the busmen and of course, the building is surrounded by the modern double-deckers now used in London.

So this model can provide the centrepiece of a diorama suitable for London buses from the last ninety years. The accompanying photos on this page show the model mounted on a card base. A grey primer car aerosol has been used for the road surface and a variety of scenic materials available from any model shop has been used to make the garden area. The railings are plastic items from the Ratio range (GWR spear fencing).

Even  if you have no interest in London buses, you may find the model of use. It is similar to small shelters and toilet blocks used in public parks. It might be used for a seaside promenade shelter or even an old fashioned tram or bus shelter.

  Muswell Hill busmans shelter 1/76 scale model download model

The model can be downloaded as a pdf file further down this page during the the Christmas season. It should be printed full size (100%) for 1/76 scale.

 The file contains four sheets including instructions. Two sheets of parts should be printed on thin 160 gsm card (about the thickness of a Christmas card) A further sheet should be glued to mounting card about 1.4 mm thick.

Cut out the parts using a knife, steel rule, and cutting mat.  Bostik or UHU glue should be used for assembly.

Note that originally the arched area had railings and appears to have been the entrance to the Gent's toilet. In modern times this ares has been glazed and made weatherproof.

In the kit I have provided a sheltered area with a bench as provided in many public parks. 



Kingsway Models free Christmas download 2018

 Muswell Hill busmans shelter 1/76 scale OO model from Kingsway Models


Muswell Hill busmans shelter 2018 Christmas download from Kingsway Models 

 The 6.65 MB pdf file may be downloaded by clicking HERE.

For a 1/76  scale OO gauge model, the file needs to be printed 100% full size. 

Page 1 is the instructions page.   

Pages 2 and 4 should be printed on thin 160gsm card.

Page 3 should be glued to mounting card approximately 1.4 mm thick.


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