This page enables you to download some useful items that may be printed and used to improve your models.

It also contains a few simple kits that have previously been released as 'Christmas Downloads'.


To download the sheet you require, click on the blue K number to display the pdf file, which may be printed or downloaded.  Most sheets should be printed at 100%.





 Useful download sheets for model bus garages

& Underground stations

 interior bus garage walls and backscene

Here are some useful sheets for use with model bus garages. There are interior walls and backscenes, and also some roof sheets.

There are some floor tiles and interior walls for Underground stations as well.



 Inspection PITS kit details on the LT OTHER ITEMS page


 Kingston bus station 1/76 scale model

Kingston bus station kit

See the LT Garages page


 K101  Interior garage wall with doors and noticeboards

K101A Interior garage wall (plain)

 K102  Garage roof with rooflights

K102A Garage roof (plain)

 K103  Underground Station floor tiles

K104   Underground Station interior walls and ticket machines

 K111     Bus garage interior backscene

K112     Bus garage interior backscene

K116    Bus garage interior backscene


 Mile End Underground Station kit

 See the Underground kits page



 K117   Garden fences - ideal for use with the various houses, for garden boundaries.

K200  NBC bus company signs - useful for 'rebranding' bus garages





 Semidetached houses kits

See the Housing page



 United Counties Huntingdon bus depot card kit

 United Counties Huntingdon depot kit

 See the Provincial Garages page


Downloadable kits.

These are previous Christmas downloads available for free personal use - not to be further distributed.






 K201 bus shelters - wood & concrete versions. Similar to those in the LTS kit.




K202 a well known Underground station from Walford.





 K203 a half relief version of the SEMA traditional semi-detached houses.





  K204 Wilkinsons high street store. The ideal place to buy your Bostick All Purpose glue from!




 K205 solicitors & estate agent shops










K206 Rovers Return - the famous pub from Weatherfield.



High Buxton Post Office 1/76 scale download


 K207 High Buxton Post Office -a model of the post office from which Kingsway Models are posted.








 Little England Street free 1/76 scale High Street download






 K208 Little England Street. 

 The two shops represent businesses that began as competing tea traders and grew into general grocery stores still familiar in the mid twentieth century.

Both of these stores are mentioned in a verse of John Betjeman's poem, Myfanwy:

Smooth down the Avenue glitters the bicycle,
Black-stockinged legs under navy blue serge,
Home and Colonial, Star, International,
Balancing bicycle leant on the verge.

Sandwiched between the two shops is the small pub; the design of which is inspired by The Albion pub in Lauriston Road, Hackney,  East London. This has now closed but the building still stands.

Albion is the ancient name of the island of Great Britain.

 Little England Street card building kit download from Kingsway Models


 K209 Downing Street


Downing Street 1/76 scale card model download


 Downing Street scale model card download

A half relief  model of numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street, official residences of the British Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer.










 K210   Muswell Hill busmans shelter 

This  small building from Muswell Hill has been part of London bus history for nearly a century. It serves as a rest room for bus crews. It might also be useful as a public convenience, or public shelter at the seaside or in a park.

 Muswell Hill busmans shelter

 The downloadable kit builds the shelter. Add some further scenic detail to model this well known bus terminus.Muswell Hill busmans shelter



All of the downloads above may be accessed by clicking the blue K number which will take you to a pdf file which may then be saved and printed at 100%

Please note that the files may not be further distributed, and remain the copyright of John Howe.


 The kits on this page are just the beginning!


Huge range of card building kits

create in card







 LTS shelters kit

Details LT Other Items page


 High Rd shops kit

 See the Shops page



 Embassy cinema 1/76 scale OO gauge card kit

 CPWE Embassy Cinema kit

 See the Cinemas page



 Dockhead LCC fire station card kit

 LCC Fire Station kit

 See the Emergency 999 page



 BCT Black Cat Tavern kit

 See the Other Items page


 FLATS half relief kit

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