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At present I am unable to offer ready built items for sale.


 For interest, I have left the photos below of models that I have built to order in the past, to show how the kits can be improved by providing a few extra items. 



Little Chef diorama

Above is the LCW Little Chef building with an added car park. The baseboard is sprayed with grey car aerosol for the tarmac area. Self adhesive white paper strips are used for road markings. Various scenic additions from a model shop add further interest.


FYF Finchley fire station on simple scenic baseboard.

Fire station model on scenic base

GBF Gainsborough fire station model

 GBF Gainsborough fire station



Crawley bus garage diorama

 Crawley bus garage


 Uxbridge bus garage diorama

 Uxbridge bus garage

One of the smaller London garages that could perhaps be easily re-labelled to suit another fleet.

I can usually supply alternative signing for buildings  either changing the original name or supplying an alternative to cover it - Contact Me 


Hackney bus garage


Hackney bus garage 




 Larger Models


 Walthamstow bus garage diorama. (above)

A large spray painted baseboard with some PAV paving is all that is needed besides the WW Walthamstow kit.


Dartford country bus garage OO scale diorama

Dartford bus garage diorama


 WD Wandsworth bus garage diorama model


Extended models

Extended RD Hornchurch garage model

 Above is an extended version of the RD Hornchurch kit, which has had an additional roof bay added to double the depth of the standard model.

 I can provide extra kit sheets or part kits if you wish to do something similar.  Contact me 


GGX Bus garage extension kits

In order to allow for larger models to be built more economically I have designed the GGX range of bus garage extension kits. These are particularly useful for representing modern style bus depots. the range includes various styles.

The units can be easily joined together. Roofs are removable for easy access.



GGX model bus garage extension kits Kingsway Models

 See full details of these kits on the Bus Garage Extension kit page


Extended Reigate bus garage model diorama

Reigate extended model bus garage with removable roof The Kingsway GGX generic bus garage extension kits can also be used to extend bus garage models.

This model of Reigate country bus garage has had parts from three GGX units added. The roof units are readily removable for access to the interior.

This method provides a much more economic method of producing a larger garage.

The only extra non-standard (and so, specially designed) part used, is the wall panel behind the bus in the street. This reproduces the real frontage as it was whereas the side and rear walls are standard GGX parts.

The GGX kits can be used to extend most of the bus garage kits in the range. For further details click here.

The model below was built using 2 GGX kits with a few other odds and ends. It includes inspection pits using the Kingsway PITS kit. More pictures by clicking the blue link just above.


Bus garage project built using Kingsway Models GGX kits




Suggestions for new kits and one off models

It's always interesting to receive suggestions but I have an ongoing list of items that I hope to get around to. Unless the suggested subject is likely to be a useful addition to the range of kits, I will not be able to justify the time and effort that a new kit requires.

At the present , I find that I simply do not have the time to devote to 'one off models'. Unless the subject particularly appeals to me I am unlikely to be interested.

 Just because a kit is available in 1/76 scale does not mean that it will successfully translate to N , 1/43 , or any other scale! Usually a scale change means a great deal of extra work. Very often N gauge kits become too small to incorporate the various layering that 1/76 scale models have.

 Changing to 1/43 scale generally quadruples the amount of material required in a kit often making such an 'upscale' quite impractical.


The photos below show some of the items I have designed and built for customers over the years and are included for interest sake.



Commissioned model of LUT Atherton bus depot

Model of LUT's Atherton, Howe Bridge bus depot. For further photos of this model , see here.

 This model is too large to be made available as a kit but see the MRSY model on the Provincial Bus Garage page for a 'lookalike' kit.

If you are working on your own project then do take a look at the free download page, where you can freely download and print such things as interior walls, and garage roof sheets.


Extended London bus garage interior

An extended bus garage interior that was added to the standard BN Brixton garage kit. Although this was built from specially designed parts, a similar effect can be achieved using the GGX kits.

Lakeside bus station model diorama (under construction)

 Above: A photo taken of a 'one-off' model diorama of the bus station at Lakeside shopping centre, West Thurrock, Essex.

Taken at an early phase of the model's construction during August 2014.

Click the picture for further views of this model.


Model bus station diorama of Lakeside bus station, West Thurrock , Essex in 1/76 scale


 Overall view of the complete model measuring approximately 48" x 25".



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