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 Card kits in 1/76 scale OO gauge.



Kingswa Models 1/76 scale card kits for OO model railways




High Road shops
 All kinds of shops for High Streets



The Kingsway range of card kits provides a way of displaying scale model vehicles in an appropriate diorama. At present most of the kits are to 4mm scale; correct for use with OO scale model railways and EFE model buses.

A smaller number of kits are avilable in 2mm scale N gauge, and also in 7mm scale O gauge (1/43).



Kingsway Models Hornchurch bus garage diorama
 The most comprehensive range of 1/76 scale bus garage models


Bostik All Purpose Adhesive recommended by Kingsway Models

 The main kit parts are on stout mounting card approximately 1.25mm thick. This needs to be cut using a knife and steel rule. Scissors are not suitable although may be useful for other tasks.

The ability to use a knife to cut out the parts accurately is fundamental. This means that the kits are generally unsuitable for children.

Use an impact adhesive to glue the parts together. Bostik All Purpose adhesive is recommended.

A number of the kits, especially those from the High Street range will be of use on model railway layouts.



Bus Garages and Railway stations are large structures and so the majority of the kits depict the building frontage only.

These are described as half relief.

The original concept was to provide a diorama setting on which to pose model buses. To this end the majority of the models will fit quite nicely onto a bookshelf.

A postal address may be found on the contact page.

As with any model making, the result will depend upon the effort expended. Colouring the cut edges will dramatically enhance the finished model. Printed drain pipes may be covered by plastic rod or wire to give a 3D effect. The addition of street 'furniture'  and figures will complete the scene.

The Kingsway Inspirations Site has some useful advice about building the kits and adding additional details.

Further important information may be found on the following links

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Redbridge Underground Station card kit 1/76 scale

 1/76 scale models of London Underground stations

Dartford bus garage diorama

 London Transport bus garages - central and country


Semid detached houses card models in 1/76 OO scale
A wide variety of houses and even a ten storey block of flats

 OO gauge 1/76 scale block of flats

Pets Wood Embassy Cinema card kit
 Classic cinemas

Dockhead LCC fire station 

 1/76 scale model fire stations



 Puss having inspected Hornchurch bus garage model - the real garage was near to PURRbeck Road!Kingsway Puss RIP 19th March 2015

Above left - Puss having inspected a finished RD Hornchurch model in her younger days.

Puss has been the 'poster girl' for Kingsway Models since the first kits were produced in 2006.

Alas, she was suddenly taken ill and died peacefully on 19th March, 2015, aged 16.

The picture to the right shows her a couple of weeks before, a little unkempt but happy and lively.



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