1/24 and 1/12 scale items


 These items are for use with either the 1/24 scale Sunstar or Revell Routemaster bus models.

Further down the page are interior adverts for use with the

1/12 scale Hachette Routemaster 


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NEW  I can now provide self adhesive paper advertisements and route blinds for Routemasters in 1/24 scale. 


Lo res sample Routemaster blinds adverts 1/24



Each A4 sheet includes a choice of exterior AND interior adverts, with a set of blinds. The available routes are listed further down the page.  

The adverts and blinds are printed on a self adhesive A4 paper sheet. The lo-res example above shows the arrangement. 

The Sunstar RM below shows some of the exterior adverts.

Alas, after all these years, I still haven't got around to building my Revell RML (!) 


1/24 Sunstar Routemaster



I have sized the route blinds to suit as best as I can for the Revell kit. This is tricky as the model is inconsistent, with the sizes varying from front to back and side!! With some care the blind displays can be cut to suit the Sunstar model.

Unless you contact me at the time of ordering the route blinds supplied will be for route 15.


Other routes currently available are as listed below.

Central (red bus)   2B, 6, 7, 8, 15, 29, 30, 36B, 52, 55, 65,

73, 109, 174, 180,  214, 253, 262

Country (green bus)  409


Each sheet has four side adverts

 Red Rover , Green Rover,  Pearl Assurance , Swan Vestas matches

six corner adverts

two lower rear adverts 

thirty interior adverts 

two Watch Your Step spots


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1/24 scale bus stops 


Kits to build 1/24 scale bus stops. Each kit has sufficient printed card parts to build one stop.

A variety of flags are provided, together with farestage signs.

The fare stage finials on the top are NOT included - you will need to carve these from suitable wooden dowel (perhaps a chopstick)  I've managed a red bus finial - I'm not sure that I'm up to doing a green coach one, due to the more complex shape!



 Kit Price:  £5



I can also provide ready built bus stops to special order , built to your specification - please email me through the contact page to give me the necessary details first of all and I will issue you a Paypal payment request.

I will usually be able to supply the completed model within ten days and will advise of delivery at time of ordering.

Built to order Price : £15  (UK ONLY)


1/12 scale Hachette Routemaster interior adverts 


1-12 scale interior adverts 

This sheet contains 32 interior adverts of eight different styles, designed for use with the 1/12 scale Hachette Routemaster model.

They are printed on self adhesive paper.

1-12 adverts for Hachette Routemaster 

 Adverts for 1/12 scale Hachette Routemaster model in position on the interior roof panels.





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Want some 1/24 scale adverts for the Revell Routemaster?